3-D mockup of precision ag research facility
The National Center for Resilient and Regenerative Precision Agriculture at Nebraska Innovation Campus will be a $160 million USDA laboratory, enabling USDA ARS to perform research on wheat, barley, sorghum, forage and bioenergy grasses, and other crops. Research on how these plants respond to emerging pests and pathogens under a full range of environmental conditions will empower scientists to make cutting-edge discoveries with the goal of developing climate-resilient crops for the U.S. agriculture industry. (Nebraska Today image)

Construction Begins on Groundbreaking Precision Ag Research Center

May 10, 2024
The state-of-the-art research center will house USDA ARS studies on the impact of emerging pests and pathogens on crops with the goal of developing climate-resilient crops for the U.S. agriculture industry.

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Combine in field
USDA NRCS (Flickr/Public Domain)

Long Term Profitability, Balance and Growth of the Farm or Ranch Business

July 22, 2021
Nebraska Extension Agricultural Economist Matt Stockton examines the relationship between profitability and farm management in a balanced operation, and what it takes to be a skilled agriculturalist.

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calculator and spreadsheet

Cash Flow Versus Profitability

April 1, 2021
Cash flow and profitability are important to an operation, but they are different — learn how, and why these differences are equally significant when building a comprehensive farm management plan.

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Taking a Closer Look at the Most Efficient Farms

August 7, 2019
The Top Efficient Farms group is a selection of operations with Nebraska Farm Business, Inc that consistently retain more than 20% of gross income as net. These farms are not the highest efficiency farms each year, they are just the most consistent from year-to-year.

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