Connor Clark helps clear out the home of his grandfather, Dean Swim, in Winslow, Nebraska, on March 29, 2019.
Connor Clark helps clear out the home of his grandfather, Dean Swim, in Winslow, Nebraska, on March 29, 2019. (Photo by James Woolridge)

'Nebraska Strong' Counseling Program Launched June 14, 2019

Mental health professionals and psychological first aid experts from the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center are addressing flood-related mental health needs through the recently-launched Nebraska Strong Recovery Project.

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Applying for Reduced Valuation of Damaged Property June 14, 2019

A Q&A on the process of applying to have your property value reduced if you suffered significant 2019 flood damage.

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New Law Allows Lower Taxes for Flood-Damaged Property June 5, 2019

A new Nebraska law provides that property owners who suffered significant flood damage can apply to have their 2019 property taxes lowered. Damage must be reported on a new state form by July 15.

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Home damaged by natural disaster

Keeping Track of Your Assets June 5, 2019

Creating an inventory of your property can make settling insurance claims a little less daunting, particularly when faced with the whole-house devastation of a flood, tornado, or other natural disaster. Here's how to start your inventory.

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Understanding and Applying Casualty Losses June 3, 2019

Casualty losses are an area of the tax code that we thankfully don’t have to deal with very often. However, when they do occur, they can be a major event in the life of a farming operation. Here are some things to consider and do now before tax time rolls around.

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Part of a row of corn struggling to survive
These plants, in a Clay County corn field, are in deep water and deep trouble! The bright vibrant greens of typical V2 to V3 seedlings are replaced with sickly yellows, indicating plummeting chlorophyll readings and photosynthesis. Roots of these oxygen-starved plants are no longer growing and are likely dying. The soil to which they are anchored has changed dramatically and full plant recovery is likely not possible. (Photos by Roger Elmore)

Corn Establishment and Growth in Saturated Soils: A Brief Review of New Research May 31, 2019

How long can seedling corn survive under flooded conditions? A review of current scientific literature offers new understandings of when and how plant injury occurs and what factors affect it.

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Tax Consequences of Weather-Related Sales May 31, 2019

How do tax laws apply to crop and livestock losses due to flooding and should they be applied this year? Consider the effects for 2019, 2020 and afterward from using some of these options.

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What Can be Salvaged from Flood-Damaged Gardens? May 31, 2019

If your gardens were affected by recent flooding, can you use the fruits (and vegetables) of your labors or are they contaminated? Extension Educator John Porter addresses this issue in a recent article in GRO Big Red: Food Safety in Flooded Vegetable Gardens.

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