Market Journal's Troy Moling interviews Bruce Dvorak

Market Journal Focuses on Flood Impacts and Next Steps March 22, 2019

This week’s edition of Market Journal devotes a good portion of the broadcast to the devastating floods throughout the state, including tips for private well owners, why it happened, and how it may affect grain markets.

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Alfalfa Killed by Floods or Winter Conditions March 22, 2019

While alfalfa usually comes through winter in pretty good shape in our area, I’m sure this year there could be plenty of exceptions, says Extension Forage Specialist Bruce Anderson. Here's what to watch for.

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Disposing of Flood Damaged Grain and Hay March 22, 2019

Links to Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) resources on best practices for disposing of flood-damaged grain and hay, debris management, flood sediment cleanup, sandbag disposal, and more.

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Flood damaged grain bin

Grain Vacuum Services/Rentals/Suppliers March 22, 2019

Key points for managing stored grain that may have been contaminated by flood waters and a list of businesses providing grain vacuuming services or equipment to safely remove clean, unaffected grain from the side or top of a bin.

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Hay and Fencing Collection Sites March 21, 2019

Donations of hay and fencing can be made at several desiginated sites in Nebraska for livestock owners/managers who were impacted by the recent adverse weather events.

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Aerial shot of grain bins in standing flood water
Flooded farmstead in northeast Nebraska where grain bins are in standing flood water. Here's how to manage stored grain which may have become contaminated by recent flooding. (Photo by Lee Valley, Inc.)

Flooding and Stored Grain March 20, 2019

Updated: Flood-damaged grain is contaminated and at higher risk for mold. This Iowa State University story discusses how to manage stored grain that may have been exposed to flood waters.

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Ensuring Safe Well Water After a Flood March 15, 2019

If you're concerned your private well may have been contaminated by flood water, here are some considerations for protecting your well, testing your water, and how to treat it if necessary.

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Image of a red pencil breaking as it writes the word "Stress"

Coping with Stress During a Crisis March 15, 2019

Is your family trying to cope with the added challenges brought on by Mother Nature this week? This article offers tips for helping your family cope, based on UNL research with more than 24,000 families. Stay Strong! Stay Resilient!

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