Storm Damage

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This Week on N Field: Hail Damage on Corn

July 13, 2023
A review of the immediate and long-term impacts of hail damage on corn to assist producers with decision-making for the remainder of the growing season.

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corn knocked down by high winds

Wind-Damage to Corn

July 16, 2020
Prior to storms July 8-9, plants were nearing tassel, a critical time for photosynthesis and pollination. These storms resulted in “flattened” corn from lodging/leaning in addition to bent and snapped plants. "Recovery" depends on a variety of factors.

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watermark sensors installed in a corn field

Crop Insurance and Irrigating Storm Damaged Fields

July 16, 2020
With recent storm damage, the following are resources and considerations when it comes to crop insurance and irrigating storm damaged fields.

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Hailed soybean

Aug. 13 Meetings Outline Post-Hail Crop Options

August 10, 2018
Nebraska Extension is hosting two After the Storm programs Monday, Aug. 13, to look at expectations for progress of hailed crops and management options going forward, including grain storage, cover crops, silage, and forage.

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standing water
Figure 1. The degree of damage from standing water in this field will depend on several factors and likely will lead to direct yield losses or indirect losses from increased disease pressure.

Flooding and Ponding in Soybeans

June 22, 2018
Soybean plants are generally able to withstand a fair amount of flooding in the short term; however, diseases favored by wet conditions may become a problem for the rest of the season. Research shows the length of time the soil is wet and the type of soil will affect plant injury and survival.

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Corn growing in flooded soil

Flooding and Ponding in Corn

June 22, 2018
Ponding or flooding of fields affects corn differently at different stages, depending on duration of flooding and other factors. Growers should assess the potential for nitrogen loss and increase scouting for corn disease in these fields.

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Corn plant damaged by wind May 10.
Figure 1. Corn plant with first leaf completely damaged, second leaf partially damaged, and tip of third leaf – the part exposed to the wind – partially damaged. Photo taken in eastern Clay County, May 15. Corn damaged by dust storm on May 10.

Assessing Effects of Recent Dust Storm on Emerged Corn

May 17, 2018
This week several corn fields in south central Nebraska were surveyed to assess damage and longer term effects on stands after last week's high winds and resulting dust storms. While many plants were seriously injured, many would be expected to recover.

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Property damage to a farmstead near Bridgeport

High-Wind Damage From Thursday Night Storm

May 11, 2018
In Thursday night's thunderstorm in western Nebraska center pivots were flipped over, power poles were snapped off, and trees were uprooted with gusts of 60 mph. See Nebraska Extension Educator Gary Stone's photo report.

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