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This Week on N Field: Severe Weather

April 5, 2024
Are you prepared for severe weather in 2024? In this episode, extension reviews some of the most important aspects of preparing for weather-related emergencies on the farm.

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This Week on N Field: Severe Weather in the Panhandle

September 15, 2023
Information on how to deal with the aftermath of severe thunderstorms that include hail and tornadoes, from handling insurance to managing recovery crop.

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Justin McMechan works hail machine in corn field

McMechan Highlights UNL Research on Hail-damaged Crops

August 31, 2023
Dr. Justin McMechan, Nebraska Extension specialist, recently appeared on RFD-TV to discuss UNL research on hail impacts to crops and share recommendations for farmers who encounter hailstorm damage.

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Hail damaged corn fields
Photos taken July 24 following the storm. Left shows one of the popcorn competition plots and at right is one of the sprinkler corn competition plots. (Photos by Krystle Rhoades)

TAPS Corn Fields Battered by Hail for First Time in Competition History

August 3, 2023
The TAPS team estimated there was approximately 35%-50% leaf defoliation and consequently, corn yield loss is currently anticipated to be 17%-31% for the 2023 competition. 

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Hail-damaged soybean

Hail Damage to Soybean in Reproductive Stages and Options

July 14, 2023
Nebraska Extension educators and specialists share replant recommendations for soybean producers recently affected by hailstorm damage.

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Hailed field
Hail on July 8 took corn down to the stalk in some areas of Nebraska. (Photo by Gary Stone)

Annual Forage Options After Hail

July 14, 2023
Before planting forages in fields where your crop was destroyed by hail, take a moment to review these financial management and cropping system considerations.

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Winter pea field damage

Hail Damage to Crops in Scotts Bluff Area

July 6, 2023
Extension experts weigh in on recent hail impacts in Nebraska and options producers should take into consideration regarding weed and disease control for damaged crops.

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Hail damaged corn
Hail-damaged corn field in Nebraska. (Photo by Jenny Rees)

After the Storm: Managing Crop Damage

June 23, 2022
Experts in agronomy and agricultural economics from Nebraska Extension's Hail Know team cover options for dealing with damaged commodities from a production perspective and discuss the role of crop insurance.

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