Stalk Borers

map showing GDD accumulation in Nebraska

Common Stalk Borer Scouting Should Start in Southern Nebraska

June 3, 2020
This week's map indicates that enough degree days have accumulated for common stalk borer eggs to have hatched across the state. It's time to start scouting.

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Scouting and Managing Stalk Borer in Corn

May 24, 2017
Common stalk borer eggs have hatched throughout Nebraska and scouting should begin when 1300-1400 degree days (DD) have accumulated. Current accumulations range from 500 to 1200 DD.

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common stalk borer larva

Begin Scouting for Common Stalk Borers in Corn

May 31, 2023
Understanding the common stalk borer life cycle and behavior is critical for selecting management practices to reduce damage in corn.

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