Employee Management

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In a new CAP webinar, Lindsay Hastings, UNL Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication, and research director of NHRI Leadership Mentoring, explains the relationship between managing diverse employees and employee engagement, and how they affect professional productivity and profitability.

Managing Diverse Talents and Perspectives in Professional and Personal Contexts

July 5, 2023
This webinar discusses the importance of family and employee dynamics to well-being and profitability, and examines research-based strategies for positively managing diverse talents and perspectives.

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Farmer and employee in field

Principles for Attracting and Retaining Quality Ag Employees Webinar — a Panel Discussion

November 30, 2021
Bob Milligan, professor emeritus from Cornell University, will discuss several key principles that can help farm and ranch owners improve their employee management skills and retain quality employees.

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Noah Buscher/Unsplash

The Value of Farm Business Policies for Employees

April 15, 2021
In this article and accompanying podcast, learn how to build a comprehensive mission statement and business policy that accurately represents and fortifies your farm operation.  

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Standing in a field an employer shows a new employee the "lay of the land" and the operation
Standing in a field an employer shows a new employee the "lay of the land" and the operation.

Running Your Business: Employment-at-Will

October 8, 2018
Nebraska is an "employment-at-will" state; however, there are instances when an employee's dismissal could be illegal. This article is one in a series on running your own business.

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New Farm/Ranch Employee Intake

May 31, 2018
Developing and following a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for new employee orientation can help ensure newbies understand the operation and can better contribute to its success. Check out these other recommendations for helping new employees get a good start.

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