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The Handy Bt Trait Table has been updated for 2024. This reference guide alphabetically lists all trade names for hybrids with Bt traits, and includes Bt protein(s) expressed, targeted insects, refuge requirements and herbicide traits.

Handy Bt Trait Table Updated for 2024 Corn

March 26, 2024
Updated for 2024, the Handy Bt Trait Table can help producers avoid the development of resistance from using the same traits repeatedly and in troubleshooting insect injury or preparing to apply herbicides.

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Corn rootworm

Which Bt Traits Do You Need to Buy?

November 15, 2018
When it comes to buying corn seed, one way to save money is to ensure you are not investing in GMO insect protection traits you do not need for your particular farm or field. This guide can help you determine which traits you need where.

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Excerpt from the November 2018 Bt Trait Table

Bt Trait Table Updated in Time for Seed Selection

November 8, 2018
The Bt Trait Table, the standard and authoritative reference for Bt toxins in corn, was updated in November 2018 to provide the latest information on changes in time for selecting seed for 2019.

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Fall armyworm
Fall armyworm

Which Bt Traits Do You Need to Purchase?

October 12, 2017
When it comes to buying corn seed, avoid investing in GMO insect protection you don't need. This guide looks at available traits and which proteins are effective on which pest species to help growers select the product best suited to their fields.

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Handy Bt Trait Table Revised for 2017

January 19, 2017
The Handy Bt Trait Table for US corn production has been updated for 2017. It includes information on all registered Bt corn hybrids commercially available and summarizes which insects are controlled by which hybrids, which Bt and herbicide tolerance traits are expressed in different hybrids, and the Insect Resistance Management Refuge requirements associated with these hybrids.

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