Handy Bt Trait Table Revised for 2017

Handy Bt Trait Table Revised for 2017

See the full Handy Bt Trait Table at msuent.com
The Handy Bt Trait Table for U. S. corn production has been updated for 2017 by Extension Entomologist Chris DiFonzo at Michigan State University. This single sheet publication includes information on all registered Bt corn hybrids commercially available.

It summarizes which insects are controlled by which hybrids, which Bt and herbicide tolerance traits are expressed in different hybrids, and the Insect Resistance Management Refuge requirements associated with these hybrids.

Manage Resistance by Rotating Traits

It is important to know which Bt traits are expressed by different hybrids.  Even if you change companies, you may still be using the same Bt traits.  Repeated use of single-trait Bt hybrids has led to resistance in corn rootworms and other insects. Use of pyramided hybrids which express more than one Bt protein active against a particular pest are a good resistance management practice. 

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