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Sulfur deficiency in corn

New NebGuide: Sulfur Management in Agricultural Systems of Nebraska

January 17, 2024
This new publication from Nebraska Extension describes how to properly manage sulfur in agricultural systems, with a focus on the 4Rs of S fertilization, the sulfur cycle, and sulfur concentration within the state of Nebraska.

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Tractor in field
Results from the 2024 Custom Rates Survey will be published by second quarter of 2024.

Custom Operators Invited to Participate in UNL Nebraska Custom Rates Survey

December 7, 2023
Part one of the survey covers spring and summer operations such as tillage, planting and haying, and part two surveys fall operations, including grain harvest, hauling, cutting ensilage and other miscellaneous operations.

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Corn volunteers in field

New NebGuide: Management of Herbicide-resistant Corn Volunteers in Corn and Soybean

May 30, 2023
The new NebGuide EC3065 provides recommendations to producers for management of corn volunteers in corn or soybean grown in rotation.

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New NebGuide: Soil Microbiology in Nebraska

July 15, 2020
Soil microbiology is a universal and essential component of agricultural soils. This NebGuide provides basic information of soil microbiology, microbial functions, microbial enhancement, and microbial assessment.

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New NebGuide: Factors to Consider when Multiple Herbicide-Resistant Soybean Traits Coexist

July 9, 2020
Nebraska Extension has release a new NebGuide (G2326) to help growers understand the various herbicide-resistant soybean traits that are available commercially.

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Drone flight over corn

Using Drones for Early Season Stand Assessment, Weed Scouting

April 26, 2018
A new Nebraska Extension NebGuide, Getting Started with Drones in Agriculture, covers how to integrate drones into crop management systems. It addresses drone types and sensor options, outlines a workflow for a drone-mapping project, and shares case studies of how farmers are using drones. Two examples — taking stand counts and scouting for weeds — are also described.

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NebGuide icon

New Extension Crop Publications

August 17, 2017
Among new releases from Nebraska Extension are two on the use of biologicals to manage crop disease as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) plan.

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Cover of new Extension publication, Foliar Fungicide Use in Soybean

New Publications from Nebraska Extension

August 3, 2017
New agricultural publications from Nebraska Extension include ones on fungicides for soybeans, a primer on cover crops, on-farm research results, agriculture in the Nebraska Panhandle, and ones on estimating soil water deep percolation or run-off.

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