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To see if you qualify for USDA's new Farm Labor Stabilization and Protection Pilot Program, visit USDA.

USDA Launches Program to Address Workforce Challenges for Farmers, Ranchers

September 22, 2023
Ag employers can begin applying for a new pilot program that aims to help address workforce needs, promote a safe work environment, and support expansion of lawful migration pathways for workers.

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Featured speakers in this webinar include Marcelo Castillo, USDA research economist, Brian Lisonbee, Lisonbee Immigration Law attorney/owner, Lincoln, Nebraska, and Elliott Dennis, UNL assistant professor and livestock economist.

Seasonal Labor and Immigration for Livestock and Crop Producers

September 22, 2023
For ag producers interested in hiring seasonal labor, this webinar focuses on the state of ag labor and historical use, an overview of visa requirements, procedures, compliance and employer obligations.

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2022 Northern Plains Farm Labor Report

December 1, 2022
Northern Plains farm laborers are receiving higher wages in the region and the workforce remains stable compared to 2021, according to a recent report by USDA NASS.

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Northern Plains Farm Labor

May 26, 2022
In the Northern Plains Region in April, farm worker hires were down 6% compared to last year.

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USDA NASS Northern Plains Farm Labor Report

December 2, 2021
In the Northern Plains Region, the number of hired workers employed by farm and ranch operators was up 15% during the month of October, compared to last year.

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Farm and Ranch Employer Seminars This Month

December 2, 2019
Finding, hiring, and retaining quality employees are major challenges for Nebraska agricultural businesses. In December Nebraska Extension will host seminars to help ag employers learn practices to help motivate and empower their employees.

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Standing in a field an employer shows a new employee the "lay of the land" and the operation
Standing in a field an employer shows a new employee the "lay of the land" and the operation.

Running Your Business: Employment-at-Will

October 8, 2018
Nebraska is an "employment-at-will" state; however, there are instances when an employee's dismissal could be illegal. This article is one in a series on running your own business.

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