Grain Sorghum

David Holding and Leandra Marshall analyzing corn
Nebraska's David Holding (right) and Leandra Marshall (left) are developing lines of popcorn featuring higher levels of lysine, an amino acid essential to the diets of humans and some livestock. (Photo by Craig Chandler, University Communication)

Genes to Proteins: Enriching the Nutritional Value of Popcorn, Sorghum

February 21, 2019
After years of research a University of Nebraska-Lincoln team led by David Holding has roughly doubled the content of lysine, an essential amino acid, in both popcorn and sorghum. For sorghum it could mean a more complete source of nutrition for many in the developing world.

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Corn under irrigation

Corn & Soybean 81% Good-Excellent; Maturity near Average

September 4, 2018

Both Nebraska's corn and soybean crops are rated 81% good to excellent, according to USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service crop progress and condition report for the week ending September 2.

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Sorghum field

Presentations from the 2018 Sorghum Symposium

February 9, 2018
If you missed the 2018 Sorghum Symposium or just want to review what you heard, check out this selection of Powerpoint slides from the presenters.

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Field of grain sorghum

Nebraska Sorghum Symposium Jan. 18 in Curtis

December 13, 2017
The Nebraska Sorghum Symposium offers timely and useful information to help sorghum farmers make confident, informed production and management decisions for their 2018 crop.

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