Nebraska Department of Agriculture

Grape leaves damaged by pesticide drift
Figure 1. Grape leaves damaged by glyphosate spray drift. The Nebraska Department of Agriculture encourages growers to work with nearby speciality crop growers to avoid spray drift accidents. (Photo courtesy Nebraska Department of Agriculture)

NDA: Farmers, Pesticide Applicators Encouraged To Help Protect Sensitive Specialty Crops April 21, 2017

As spring planting season gets underway, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA)wants to remind farmers and other outdoor pesticide applicators to work together to protect sensitive specialty crops and pollinators from pesticide use. Pesticides include all categories of pest control products such as herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides.

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filter and buffer strips next to waterway
Figure 1. Grassed filter strips and grass and woody buffer strips are a common sense means for reducing sediment and agrichemicals in field runoff. Funding is available from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture to use these measures. (Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS)

NDA Funding Available for Buffer Strips January 23, 2017

Buffer strips are a common sense approach to reducing agrichemicals and soil sediment in field runoff and may be funded through a program of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture.

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