Sunflower Disease

Sunflower field at the High Plains Ag Lab

The Sunflower Pathology Working Group

November 15, 2018
While diseases are one of the three biggest yield-limiting factors of sunflower production, there was little information on how to identify and manage them until university plant pathologists joined in a collaborative effort to conduct research and develop educational resources.

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Sunflower Rust
Figure 1. Cinnamon-colored uredial pustules (left) and dark, black telial pustules (right). These are the overwintering structures of rust. (Photos by Bob Harveson)

Sunflower Rust May be Problematic in 2018 — Be Aware!

May 24, 2018
Unusually early findings of rust in volunteer sunflower in western Nebraska indicate the potential for a major outbreak much earlier than usual. Growers are encouraged to scout within the first few weeks of emergence and treat where necessary.

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