Custom Rates

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Results from the 2024 Custom Rates Survey will be published by second quarter of 2024.

Custom Operators Invited to Participate in UNL Nebraska Custom Rates Survey

December 7, 2023
Part one of the survey covers spring and summer operations such as tillage, planting and haying, and part two surveys fall operations, including grain harvest, hauling, cutting ensilage and other miscellaneous operations.

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In addition to equipment and operational costs, the number of acres to be harvested, time, the availability of good custom operators in your area, and harvest efficiency all contribute to making an economic decision on hiring custom work. (Center for Ag photo)

Harvest Operations: Own It or Hire It?

September 22, 2023
A review of custom rates in 2022 and how to use the Ag Budget Calculator to determine what custom operators may be charging this year.

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Agricultural Custom Work – What to Charge?

June 29, 2022
Farm and Ranch Management Analyst Glennis McClure discusses how custom operators can use the 2022 Nebraska Custom Rates Report and ABC program to calculate competitive rates.

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Calculating Field Operation Costs with ABC and Setting Harvest Rates

July 15, 2021
Nebraska Extension Educator Glennis McClure reviews the rates reported in the 2020 biennial custom rates report and how to utilize the UNL Department of Agricultural Economics’ new Ag Budget Calculator program.

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2020 Custom Rates Statewide Summary Available

July 30, 2020
The recently completed 2020 Nebraska Custom Rates Survey and accompanying report summarize current rates charged for specific machinery operations and custom services across the state.

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2020 Nebraska Farm Custom Rates Report Published

July 9, 2020
A survey of agricultural custom operators is conducted in Nebraska every two years to determine the current rates charged by custom operators for machine hire services and other work they provide for neighboring farms and ranches or as part of a business enterprise.

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Last Push to Submit 2020 Custom Rates Surveys

March 27, 2020
The custom rates report generated from this market rate survey is widely used by custom operators and producers seeking current pricing for services. If you provide custom hire services in Nebraska, please consider participating in the survey.

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UNL Survey Results Indicate Rising Cost of Custom Machinery Operations

July 12, 2018
Results from the university’s 2018 Custom Rates Survey indicate rising costs for some custom machine operations and services since the survey was last conducted two years ago. State average labor rates increased 6% to $18.85/hour and average diesel costs increased from $1.68 to $2.46/gallon, which could influence custom rate changes.

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