2020 Nebraska Farm Custom Rates Report Published

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2020 Nebraska Farm Custom Rates Report Published

A survey of agricultural custom operators is conducted in Nebraska every two years. A total of 217 survey responses were received in 2020 with information reflecting the current rates charged by custom operators for machine hire services and other work they provide for neighboring farms and ranches or as part of a business enterprise that covers a broader area. Survey participants identified by Nebraska Extension personnel, or in some cases, self-identified custom operators, received a paper survey or a link to the custom rates survey online.

Actual rates paid for custom services may vary from those listed in these survey results due to differences in the operators responding and those providing services across the state. This report provides a summary of state averages for specific custom operations.

More detailed information covering results of the custom rates survey by Nebraska Agricultural Statistical Districts is provided in two parts.

  • Part I of the survey focused on spring and summer farm and ranch operations such as planting, tillage, and baling hay.
  • Part II of the custom rates survey included questions about fall operations such as harvesting and hauling as well as miscellaneous custom work activities on the farm.

The report is available at https://farm.unl.edu/customrates.

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