2020 Custom Rates Statewide Summary Available

custom combine harvesting a field

2020 Custom Rates Statewide Summary Available

With the large investment cost of agricultural machinery and equipment, and often with the uncertainty of labor availability, many Nebraska farms and ranches utilize and pay for custom services. There is generally great interest in the biennial University of Nebraska-Lincoln Custom Rates Survey report from those that perform services and those that pay for services. The recently completed 2020 Nebraska Custom Rates Survey and accompanying report summarize current rates charged for specific machinery operations and custom services across the state.

There is variability in the rates reported from across the state. Several factors contribute to rate differences reported, including field and job sizes, soil conditions, and the number of responses for the various operations. Some operators may charge lower than market rate prices to friends and relatives. Rates may change from year to year due to expense differences and local market forces.

A summary of Nebraska averages, the most common reported rate, and the range of rates charged in Nebraska for the most popular machinery operations is available. The state summary includes rates where at least six or more responses were provided for the custom.

Custom Rates State Summary Report

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