Pasture and Forage Minute: Nebraska Grazing Conference, Summer Annual Forages and Pricing CRP Hay

July 17, 2023
Make plans to attend the 2023 Nebraska Grazing Conference, tips to help make sure summer annual grass hays are dry and of good quality, and how to price CRP hay.

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Nebraska grassland

USDA Announces Grassland Conservation Reserve Program Signup for 2023

April 21, 2023
Farmers and ranchers have until May 26 to sign up for the Grassland CRP through their local USDA Service Center.

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CRP presentation slide
USDA representatives join UNL experts in this webinar to provide an in-depth analysis of the CRP, including eligibility requirements, enrollment procedures and program guidelines.

Grassland CRP: What It Is, How It Works, and Frequently Asked Questions

April 13, 2023
In this webinar, USDA experts provide an in-depth analysis of the Conservation Reserve Program to give producers a better understanding of their eligibility status and enrollment requirements. 

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Butterfly pollinating coneflower
Producers and landowners enrolled more than 5 million acres into CRP in 2022, which helped them establish long-term, resource-conserving plants to control soil erosion, improve water quality and enhance wildlife habitat on cropland.

USDA Conservation Reserve Program Signup Ends April 7

March 13, 2023
Producers and landowners interested in signing up for CRP in 2023 should contact their local USDA Service Center for assistance prior to the deadline.

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Nebraska Ranks Third in USDA’s 2022 Grassland CRP Signups

July 21, 2022
About 5.6 million acres across the U.S. are entering CRP in 2023, surpassing the 3.9 million acres expiring this year.

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USDA to Allow Producers to Request Voluntary Termination of Conservation Reserve Program Contract

June 7, 2022
CRP participants who are in the final year of their contract will be allowed to request voluntary termination of their CRP contract following the end of the primary nesting season for fiscal year 2022.

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Prairie grasses

Growers Invited to Prairie STRIPS Virtual Learning Circle

February 2, 2022
Participants will learn more about native prairie and the potential ways it can benefit a farm's viability while restoring landscapes, and connect with other growers and resource providers.

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USDA Announces Dates for Conservation Reserve Program General and Grasslands Signup

June 24, 2021
The USDA has set a Friday, July 23, 2021, deadline for agricultural producers and landowners to apply for the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) General signup 56. The FSA will accept applications for CRP Grasslands from Monday, July 12 to Tuesday, Aug. 20.

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