Estimating Nitrogen Credit from Manure September 5, 2018

Nitrogen in manure requires some simple planning to insure it's given proper credit for offsetting commercial fertilizer inputs. This article offers key information for calculating N credit.

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Odor plumes from land application of manure
Odor plumes from land application of manure

Timing Manure Application to Avoid Neighbor Nuisances August 14, 2018

Roughly half of all neighbor complaints of livestock odors originate from land application of manure. This article outlines the weather conditions to consider when planning a manure application.

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Irrigation in corn near a cattle feedlot with cattle
Irrigating diluted animal manures on growing crops can work if you ask the right questions. (Photo by Larry Howard)

Can I Irrigate Animal Manures On Growing Crops? June 27, 2018

Recent heavy rains have many feedlot holding ponds full and operators looking for irrigation options to apply animal manure during the growing season. Here are some considerations for applying diluted animal manures without damaging the crop.

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Manure spreader

Manure’s Impact on Yield, Nitrogen, and Carbon May 3, 2018

If manure is applied at rates equal to or less than the nitrogen (N) requirement of a crop, can manure produce environmental benefits over commercial fertilizer? This article summarizes the "Take Home Messages" from a paper summarizing 141 studies relative to the question.

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Figure 1. Coal combustion residue is being mixed into manure for land application.
Figure 1. Coal combustion residue is being mixed into manure for land application. Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are addressing organic N and opportunities for improving N efficiency in the soil. (Photo by Bijesh Maharjan)

Improving the Efficiency of Applied Organic N April 11, 2018

University of Nebraska research is offering new insights into plant use efficiency of organic N resources such as livestock manure, municipal bio-solids, and others. The studies continue through 2018 and are expected to influence changes in university recommendations.

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Nutrient Management for Organic Production April 5, 2018

The NebGuide, Nutrient Management in Organic Farming, features information also of value to conventional production, including manure management, composting, non-traditional products, and crop rotation suggestions.

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Manure application into cereal rye cover crop in the fall

Research Updates April 4, 2018

Briefs on university crop research, this week featuring flame weeding research in northeast Nebraska and the effects of liquid manure injection into a winter rye cover crop as tested in on-farm trials in Minnesota.

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Land Application Training in February February 9, 2018

Learn how to get the most value from your manure resource at Land Application Training this February. Get basic manure management techniques and tips to keep the environment safe and the grower in compliance.

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