Wheat Varieties

P. Stephen Baenziger

To All the Wheats That I Have Known

September 2, 2020
Veteran wheat specialist Stephen Baenziger reflects on 34 years of developing wheat varieties in his role at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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wheat variety trial in Nebraska field

Winter Wheat Varieties With an East and South Central Nebraska Fit

September 1, 2020
Variety selection and disease management in this higher rainfall region of Nebraska are the two most important management factors driving yield.

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2019 Harlan County Wheat Plot Tour. Photo courtesy of Dawn Hetrick, Harlan County Extension Office.

Selecting Winter Wheat Varieties - Best for Your Cropping System

July 21, 2020
Variety selection is one of the most important decisions a winter wheat grower has to make. The right or wrong decision can enhance or negate all other factors in profitable wheat farming.

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Cody Creech being recorded in a field
A video camera took the place of live audiences for the High Plains Ag Lab Virtual Field Day, as Cody Creech, dryland cropping systems specialist and research supervisor at HPAL, discusses one of the research projects underway at the plots north of Sidney.

High Plains Ag Lab Virtual Field Day Now Online

July 8, 2020
Social distancing ruled out an in-person field day this June. However, the Virtual Field Day website has a collection of videos and other online presentations (such as narrated Powerpoints) that convey the same type of information that would have been available in person.

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Wheat variety trials
Winter wheat variety trials are conducted across the state to evaluate yield, protein, and weight of different varieties under different conditions.

2018 Nebraska Variety Testing Summary and Fall Seed Guide

August 30, 2018
This summary looks at lessons learned from the 2018 wheat variety trials (some sites garnered excellent yields) and how to use data from multiple trials to aid seed selection for the 2019 crop.

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Dr. P. Stephen Baenziger speaking at a wheat variety trial field day at the High Plains Ag Lab near Sidney in 2018.
Dr. P. Stephen Baenziger speaking at a wheat variety trial field day at the High Plains Ag Lab near Sidney in 2018.

Update on Wheat Varieties for Nebraska: 2018 was an Unusual Year

August 29, 2018
Results from the 2018 wheat variety trials show performance leaders in each of four districts across the state.

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A wheat field. Links to full article.

View 2018 Nebraska Winter Wheat Variety Test Results

August 21, 2018
The 2018 Nebraska Winter Wheat Variety Trial results are now available online and include data from 14 sites on variety, brand, grain yield, moisture percent, and bushel weight.

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Winter wheat variety Ruth

Top Performers by Region in 2017 Wheat Trials

August 28, 2017
The winter wheat varieties Ruth and WB-Grain were consistent top-field performers across all rainfed regions in the 2017 variety trials. Other varieties performed particularly well in individual regions. View top performers from each area and learn more about Ruth, a new variety.

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