Wheat Seed Selection

Making the Case for Certified Wheat Seed August 30, 2017

Planting certified wheat seed offers a number of advantages, often including the most recent genetics and higher yield and quality, over bin-run seed. And, when hidden costs are includes, costs for the two options can be similar.

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Winter wheat variety Ruth

Top Performers by Region in 2017 Wheat Trials August 28, 2017

The winter wheat varieties Ruth and WB-Grain were consistent top-field performers across all rainfed regions in the 2017 variety trials. Other varieties performed particularly well in individual regions. View top performers from each area and learn more about Ruth, a new variety.

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Bunted wheat and loose smut of wheat.
Figure 1 (left). Bunted wheat grain containing spore masses of the stinking smut fungi. Figure 2 (right). Loose smut on a wheat head.

The Importance of Certified, Fungicide-Treated Wheat Seed July 31, 2017

Planting clean, certified, fungicide-treated wheat seed is one of the first steps in assuring top yields from your 2018 wheat crop. Another is selecting resistant varieties, where available. Together these practices can help you more effectively manage seed-transmitted diseases of wheat.

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