Carbon Sequestration

Collage of people attending soil health events in 2023
In a recent survey conducted by the Soil Health Team, 43% of respondents reported that they have implemented soil health practices influenced by UNL soil health events. (Image by Carolina Córdova)

UNL Soil Health Team Celebrates Year of Success in Advancing Sustainable Agriculture

January 3, 2024
Following eight successful events that stand to impact nearly 13 million acres of U.S. farmland, preparations are underway by the UNL Soil Health Team to deliver more robust sustainable ag research and innovations in 2024.

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Biochar application
Biochar is applied to 16 acres of farmland in northeast Lincoln with a manure spreader during University of Nebraska–Lincoln research trials in April. (Photo courtesy IANR News)

Nebraska Researchers Conduct Largest Biochar Field Trial in the State

May 11, 2023
The experiment was designed specifically to probe the effect of biochar in combination with biosolids, which the research team hypothesizes may help maximize the benefits of both.

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Alfalfa in sunset
Throughout this webinar, Aiken overviews the functions and goals of the Growing Climate Solutions Act and how producers can find success in the ag carbon credit markets.

Webinar: The Growing Climate Solutions Act

April 6, 2023
UNL Ag Law and Water Law Specialist Dave Aiken offers an overview of the Growing Climate Solutions Act and what it means for agriculture with respect to ag carbon credit markets.

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Corn field and wind farm

Inflation Reduction Act: What Does it Mean for the Climate and Ag Producers?

September 29, 2022
This Center for Agricultural Profitability webinar explores the major provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act, including the climate and energy provisions, and those potentially affecting Nebraska agriculture.

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Carly Whitmore, Indiana NRCS (Flickr/Public Domain)

A Historical Look at Cropping Practices for Carbon Sequestration

August 19, 2021
If passed, the Growing Climate Solutions Act of 2021 would pave the way toward better assistance for farmers interested in participating in a voluntary environmental credit market, including land or soil carbon sequestration.

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Harvested field
No-till farmland. Jason Johnson, Iowa NRCS (Flickr/Public Domain)

Additionality and Voluntary Environmental Credit Markets

August 19, 2021
UNL Department of Ag Economics professionals reviews the concept of additionality, a potential requirement for the Growing Climate Solutions Act of 2021 voluntary environmental credit market program.

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Cover crop field trial

Cover Crops and Carbon Sequestration: Benefits to the Producer and the Planet

March 11, 2019
This student study of a four-year research project found cover crops may significantly improve soil aggregation and particulate organic matter concentration in the short-term, which suggests the potential for cover crops storing soil carbon in the long term.

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