Nebraska CropWatch Podcast

Farmer looking at unplanted field

Fridays with a Scientist: Dr. Caro Cordova of UNL Agronomy — Soil Health

November 9, 2023
In this episode, Dr. Caro Cordova discusses the roots of her passion for soil, why soil health is critical for agriculture and steps producers in Nebraska and elsewhere can take to improve soil health.

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Survey: How Did We Do in 2022?

December 1, 2022
What did you like about CropWatch content in 2022? How can we better help you with farm management decisions in 2023? Take our survey and let us know!

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CW Podcast: Late-Maturing Crops and Insects

September 13, 2019
In this month’s CropWatch Podcast Extension Educator Michael Sindelar is joined by entomologist Robert Wright to discuss insect issues in late maturing corn and soybeans.

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Corn seedling exhibiting disease symptoms

New CW Podcast on Corn Seedling Diseases

May 8, 2019
Michael Sindelar talks with Extension Plant Pathologist Tamra Jackson-Ziems about common corn seedling diseases, what to watch for in the field, and how to collect and submit quality samples for diagnosis.

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Soybean root lesion

New CW Podcast on Soybean Seedling Diseases

April 26, 2019
Tune in to this CropWatch podcast on seed and early season issues with soybean diseases. Is your seed selection or treatment well matched with historical problems in the field? What should you be watching for at emergence and what are your management options.

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Nebraska CropWatch podcast cover image

CropWatch Podcast on Spring Burndown Applications

March 22, 2019
On the latest Nebraska CropWatch podcast Extension Educator Michael Sindelar interviews Weed Specialist Amit Jhala about factors to address with burndown herbicide applications.

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Graphic for the UNL CropWatch Podcast

CW Podcast: Corn Planting and Early Growth Stages

February 22, 2019
This month's Nebraska CropWatch podcast looks at early season management factors to achieve a uniform corn stand, from hybrid selection to planting, and reviews what to expect with early season plant stages.

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Corn field with baled residue
Learn more about your options for using crop residue as well as when it's better not to disburb it on this month's Nebraska CropWatch podcast, a new feature. (Photo by Jenny Rees)

CropWatch Launches a Podcast: Removing Corn Residue

December 6, 2018
In the inaugural CropWatch podcast Extension Educator Michael Sindelar interviews Marty Schmer and Virginia Jin, USDA ARS researchers, about uses for corn residue, recommended removal practices, and when residue removal is not recommended.

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