Solar panels
The utility scale solar array pictured is a single axis tracking system, which is a common design for utility scale solar facilities. Single axis tracking systems face solar panels east in the morning and west in evening, following the sun across the sky through the day. (Photo by F. John Hay).

Considerations for Leasing Land for Solar Development

May 28, 2021
When considering a solar leasing contract, many factors should be considered. Landowners approached about solar leases should seek advice from an attorney and take time to thoroughly consider the contract and its implications to their farmland.

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links to Solar Power and Center Pivots - Part 2: Economic Modeling

Solar Power and Center Pivots - Part 2: Economic Modeling

November 6, 2020
The decision whether or not to invest in solar is an individual decision. The conclusion here is not whether to invest or not, but rather which center pivot scenarios are better suited for better return on investment and which pivots a farmer may want to target first if considering solar installations.

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chart showing center pivot peak demand

Solar Power and Center Pivots - Part 1: Challenges, Introduction and Definitions

November 6, 2020
Farmers across the US are exploring solar PV as a way to reduce energy costs. Thousands have built solar PV systems, yet adoption of solar PV may not be right for everyone.

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Seward Meeting on Solar Electric Systems for Farms, Homes

February 1, 2017

Would solar energy be a good option for your farm, ranch or rural home? What should you consider when weighing the costs and benefits?

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Lincoln solar farm
Figure 1. The state’s largest solar farm – located just west of Lincoln off Interstate 80 – features 15,333 solar panels on 30 acres. Developed by the Lincoln Electric System and completed in June 2016, it generates approximately 5 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 900 typical homes in Lincoln. (Photo by John Hay)

Solar Land Lease: Considerations in Nebraska

January 31, 2017
Before signing a solar lease, consider how it may impact your taxes, insurance, federal agriculture programs, and other property rights such as oil and minerals. This article looks at solar leases and points to consider in Nebraska.

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Solar Energy In Agriculture Workshops this Fall

October 12, 2016

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have declined in price in recent years, greatly improving their economics and potential use in rural areas.

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