Economics of Behind-the-Meter On-Farm Solar Electric Systems

Solar panels on barns
Nebraska Extension Biological Systems Engineering Educator F. John Hay shares an in-depth analysis on the economics of on-farm solar following USDA's announcement that an additional $1 billion in grants are available to help ag producers and rural small businesses finance renewable energy systems or to make energy-efficiency improvements.

Economics of Behind-the-Meter On-Farm Solar Electric Systems

This Center for Ag Profitability webinar covers the general design elements of behind-the-meter on-farm solar and walks through production, value of electricity, interconnection policies and how these impact economic return. On-Farm Solar is marketed across the state as an option to lower electricity costs yet the interconnection policies vary across the state based on thresholds with respect to the net metering law. These policies as well as electrical prices and system costs lead to varied economic returns across the state.

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