Perceptions of Crop Consultants and Crop Producers on Grazing Corn Residue in Nebraska

October 19, 2017
A new journal article by University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers reports on the results of a survey asking consultants and growers about what factors influence their thinking on grazing crop residue. The report notes that while corn residue grazing is a longstanding practice in the state, currently only about 25% of the state's corn residue is being grazed.

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forage windrows
Under current market prices, windrow grazing annual forages may be a competitive option with cash grain crops. (Photo by Aaron Berger)

Annual Forages and Windrow Grazing as an Alternative to Cash Grain Crops

April 18, 2017

The relationship between current grain prices and forage/pasture prices in western Nebraska is creating a scenario where forage crops may provide an economically viable alternative to a cash grain crop. From an economic perspective, at current market prices, 1.5 tons per acre of annual forage is competitive with cash grain crops in terms of generating gross dollars per acre.

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Silage Conference: What to Grow and How to Store and Price It

April 22, 2016
Iowa State University and University of Nebraska—Lincoln will be hosting a one-day Silage for Beef Cattle Conference June 17 to explore best practices for making, storing and using silage.

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Planning Annual Forage Systems

March 11, 2016
With continued strong demand for summer pasture, some producers are looking at cropland alternatives to produce grazing forage.

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