Dec. 16, 2016

CropWatch: Annual Reader Survey
Corn Production:
Jan. 5 Fremont Corn Expo scouts ag horizon and offers answers
Cover Crops:
Is nitrogen fixation oversold with legume cover crops
Weed Management: Managing glyphosate- and als-resistant kochia in the Panhandle
Nutrient Management: New USDA-ARS system affords greater flexibility on using phosphorus from manure
Farm Management: Who is trading in the futures markets and why it matters - part 1
Sugar Beet Production: Panhandle REC studying sugar beet storage treatments
Pesticide Safety: Herbicide resistance, safety are key topics in private pesticide applicator training; Nebraska Extension training for commercial, noncommercial pesticide applicators
Market Journal: Worker Protection Standard changes; ag technologies for  corn and soybean growers; market analysis; and the forecast for the coming week.
IANR & Extension: Nebraska State Climate Office quarterly newsletter; Precision Ag Data Management Workshops registrations
Event Reminders: Landlord-Tenant Cash Lease Workshops Dec. 18-21 in Broken Bow, McCook, North Platte, and Grant

Dec. 9, 2016

Wheat Production: Wheat disease management tips for 2017
Crop Production: Crop Production Clinics Jan. 4-19 across Nebraska; Nebraska Crop Management Conference
Farm Management: Farm Beginnings Program to Start Jan. 7 in Nebraska City
Market Journal: Trends in farm incom; forecast; outline of the Renewable Fuel Standard for 2017 and international ag trade.

Dec. 2, 2016

Cover Crop Research Briefs: Value of oats and brassicas for fall forage; cover crop mixtures: effects of diversity and termination method on weeds, soil, and crop yield; implementation of cover crops in corn and soybean systems in Nebraska; impact of cover crops on corn and soybean yield in Nebraska on-farm research; finding the balance between corn yield and cover crop biomass; interseeding cover crops into corn; cover crop mixture diversity and function; triticale: a useful cover crop component; small grain annual forages following soybean production
Corn Production: Sounds of corn growing may lead to genetic improvements in corn plant structure
Farm Management: Cornhusker Economics: Farm Program Payments and Projection
Nebraska Extension Events: Nebraska Soybean Day & Machinery Expo Dec. 15; Southeast Nebraska Successful Farmer Series Starts Dec. 16 

Nov. 23, 2016

Nebraska Extension Events: Workshops on Field Assessment to Improve Farm Efficiency Starts Dec. 5; Business Succession and Estate Planning Workshops Start Dec. 7; Nebraska Soybean Day and Machinery Expo Dec. 15

Nov. 18, 2016

Wheat Production: Stripe rust reports in wheat lead to winter research on treatment options
Grain Storage: Drying and storage tips
Student Research: Overview of project on undergraduate research and extension expertise in integrated agronomic systems and a selection of student stories -- how harvest timing influences switchgrass production; does the grazing of cover crops by cattle compact soil?; carbon and nitrogen content of winter cover crop biomass; do winter annual small grains reduce perennial grass establishment?; potential benefits of sorghum-sudangrass as a companion crop to establish forage and native legume species; cover crop effects on soil properties; what are the remnant effects of rye and oat cover crops on corn development?
IANR & Extension: Introducing new eastern Nebraska crops specialist Justin McMechan; southeast Nebraska Successful Farmer Series starts Dec. 16
Nebraska Crop Reports: From Nebraska Extension, USDA NASS; Market Journal with segments on drought conditions in Nebraska, registration of XtendiMax with VaporGrip Technology, a market analysis, and next week's weather forecast.
Corn & Soybean Production: Corn and soybean variety trials now available
Farm Management: Farm Finance and Ag Law Clinics in December

Nov. 11, 2016

Weather: Short- and long-term forecasts suggest highly variable winter temperatures in Nebraska
Wheat Production: Stripe, stem, and leaf rust in fall-planted wheat
Soybean Production: Understanding the Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybean weed management system and use of new dicamba products
Precision Agriculture: Precision Ag Data Management Workshops: Extract value from your data
Farm Management: Nov. 21 Quicken Workshop for farm-ranch recordkeeping
Alfalfa & Forage Management: Selling high quality hay may offer opportunity 
Crop Reports: Nebraska crop reports
IANR & Extension: Nebraska Extension offers training on unmanned aircraft systems (drones); Dec. 3 conference to focus on alternative ag enterprises for farm families; catch up on current topics in agronomy and horticulture 

Nov. 4, 2016

Wheat Production: Stripe rust found this week in Panhandle wheat
Corn & Soybean Production: Forage, feed, and grazing restrictions for row crop herbicides; why test for SCN this fall?
Weed Management: Q&A: Which formulation of 2,4-D is preferred for fall application and other timely questions
Farm Management: Cash flow and tax planning; Farm Finance and Ag Law Clinics Set for November; Market Journal Roadshow featuring Cornhusker Economics Outlook
Pest Management: EPA re-affirms Enlist Duo for GE crops and proposes amended registration
Research: Development of a sustainable soya bean-based feedstock for aquaculture; public perceptions of genetically engineered nutraceuticals (a Cornhusker Economics article)
IANR & Extension: Laura Thompson receives fellowship to visualize big data; Market Journal on the risk of fall nitrogen application, grain marketing and the dead cat bounce in soybeans, and the forecast for the coming week; Farmers & Ranchers College returns Dec. 14
Nebraska AgNews: Nebraska crop and harvest reports

Oct. 28, 2016

Weed Management: Why fall is optimal for marestail control 
Corn Production: Researchers seek feedback on 2016 corn yield forecasts 
Farm Management: Agricultural tax planning in low income years; Farm Finance and Ag Law Clinics Set for November; Grain Marketing Workshops offer valuable info in year of low prices
Farm Equipment: Agricultural machinery data acquisition and analytics research could lead to increased fuel and field efficiencies
Forage Production: Nitrate nitrogen or nitrate — what's the difference? 
Dry Edible Bean Production: Research shows health potential of great northern bean
IANR and Extension: Amit Jhala receives Young Scientist Award
Market Journal: Segments on the soybean market and harvest price discovery period for crop insurance; tax planning with Tina Barrett (companion article in CW); ag land leases, and the forecast for the coming week            

Oct. 21, 2016

Corn Production: Nebraska Perspective on Efficacy of Cry1F Bt Corn Against Western Bean Cutworm
Grain Marketing: High corn ending stocks and post-harvest marketing plans; Cornhusker Economics on Marketing in a New Era app; grain marketing and farm management workshops starting in November
Weed Management: Nebraska Extension pest of the month: cheatgrass
Farm Management: 5 tax deductions for your farm; crop insurance workshop to focus on risk management strategies 
Nebraska Crop Reports: Crop and harvest updates from Nebraska Extension and USDA NASS
On-Farm Research: Consider incorporating on-farm research in 2017
Climate: September Summary from Nebraska State Climate Office
Market Journal: Cry1F efficacy against western bean cutworm, ear rots in corn, harvest progress; Market Journal Roadshow featuring the Cornhusker Outlook Series
IANR & Extension: IANR Spotlight: the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory (IANR News); Agronomy and Horticulture Department Head Appointed to National Advisory Board

Oct. 14, 2016

Corn Production: Harvest 2016 — when corn yields are below expectations; ear and stalk rot diseases becoming more common in corn fields; what's causing black "dusty" corn; video: watch an entire growing season in one minute
Weather: Much, but not all, of Nebraska experiences hard freeze. See table of temperatures.
Wheat Production: Compensating for delayed wheat seeding
Pesticide Education: Safely storing pesticides and your sprayer to avoid loss or damage this winter
Crop Reports: Crop Reports from Nebraska Extension and USDA NASS
Weed Management: Fall Management of Cool-Season Invaders in Pastures
IANR & Extension: Heuermann Lecturer Mark Lynas; UNL researchers receive grant to assist farmers and ranchers with economic decision-making; Lagoon Closure Demonstration Nov. 1 near Concord
AgNews: Cost-share funds available to aid organic certification. apply by Nov. 1; Farming Evolution No-till Conference Feb. 15-16 in Colorado

Oct. 7, 2016

Soybean Production: Help identify yield-limiting factors in Nebraska soybean fields
Corn Production: Federal court certifies nine producer classes in Syngenta litigation; Corn Residue Field Days Oct. 20, 28 
Farm Management: 4 ways to improve your grain marketing today; grain marketing workshops; Farm/Ranch Transition Workshops for the sandwich generation; Landlord/Tenant and Flexible Lease Workshops; Annie's Project retreat Nov. 4-5 in Scottsbluff; financial health check classes for farmers and ranchers
IANR & Extension: Crop Reports from Nebraska Extension and USDA NASS; GMOs are Green: How an Environmentalist Changed his Mind About Biotechnology," the Oct. 10 Heuermann Lecture with Mark Lynas; multi-state Field Pea Production Workshop Nov. 4l University Participating in Multi-Institution Project Focused on Big Data 
Market Journal: corn and soybean markets, the challenges of soybean cyst nematode (particularly when present with SDS), farm program payments, and the forecast for the coming week.
AgNews: USDA launches new paid apprenticeship program featuring a path for veterans and classroom and on-the-job training

Sept. 30, 2016

Precision Agriculture: In-field tips for collecting accurate yield monitor data; related publication: Precision Agriculture — Best Management Practices for Collecting Accurate Yield Data and Avoiding Errors During Harvest (EC2004)
Corn: Scouting for stalk and ear rot diseases in corn 
Dry Edible Beans: Direct harvest of dry edible beans 
Farm Management: Who is on your Farm and Ranch Management (FARM) Team?; barriers to successful farm/ranch business transfers; Farm Finance and Ag Law Clinics set for October
Market Journal: The Nebraska State Climate Office, drought conditions during the last water year, ag trade with Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, beef genomics, the cattle market and the forecast for the coming week.
AgNews: Changes at UNL Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic; science advocate Mark Lynas to present Oct. 10 Heuermann Lecture

Sept. 23, 2016

Corn Production: Yield Forecast Center predicts corn yields well below USDA-NASS projections; using the corn stalk nitrate test to evaluate N management
Soybean Production: Set soybean harvest goal of 13% moisture to improve profit; soybean variety selection decisions take time
Climate & Weather: Above normal temps, precipitation forecast for Nebraska; Nebraska State Climate Office launches websites
Harvest Safety: Grain engulfment - quicksand of the Midwest; protect your lungs with a properly fitted respiratory mask
Crop Reports: Reports from Nebraska Extension and USDA NASS
Alfalfa & Pasture Management: Weed control options in seedling alfalfa; thistle control during October
Market Journal: The grain market, the La Nina outlook, Corn Residue Field Days, alfalfa's winterizing period, the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture meeting in Lincoln this week, and the forecast for next week.
Research: Apply now for 2017 SARE Farmer/Rancher Grants; USDA research in Nebraska: antibiotic resistance found to naturally occur in Nebraska Prairie Soils

Sept. 16, 2016

Corn Production: Listen and watch corn grow — new short time-lapse video from UNL agronomists on UNL CropWatch on YouTube
Grain Storage: Long-term grain storage requires good management
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Guidelines for alfalfa harvest during the winterizing period; controlling winter annual bromes this fall; how disc mowers can damage grass in grass-alfalfa mixes
IANR & Extension: Crop condition reports & drought monitor update; UNL Agronomy, Horticulture Seminar Series
Market Journal: On this week's show catch segments on the grain market following the September crop report, scouting for stalk rot diseases, why soybean variety selection is one a grower's most important decisions, and the forecast for next week.

Sept. 9, 2016

IANR at Husker Harvest Days Sept. 11-13 — Special focus on weather-ready farms: preview exhibits; why this year’s theme is so important
Corn and Soybean Production: Corn yield forecasts as of Sept. 7; stalk rot diseases developing; corn and soybean diseases reported by UNL PPDC
Wheat Production: Federal Price Support for Winter Wheat
IANR & Extension: View Market Journal segments on controlling marestail, soybean marketing, the future of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, and the forecast for the coming week.

Sept. 2, 2016

Special Focus on Wheat: 2016 winter wheat varieties for Nebraska; what's new in wheat genetics; The 2016 wheat crop — high yields, low protein; the value of wheat in a crop rotation; fall weed control options for winter wheat; stripe rust in wheat — indications of new pathogen races; fall strategies for managing wheat diseases; insects of concern in 2016; price support options for winter wheat
Corn: Corn disease photo guide to leaf lesions of bacterial leaf streak, gray leaf spot, and Northern corn leaf blight
Irrigation: Scheduling the last irrigation of the season
Grain Storage: Guide to preparing grain bins and equipment for harvest
IANR & Extension News: UNL Cover Crop Field Day near Lincoln Sept. 8; Hops Open House and Tour Set for Sept. 12 in Scottsbluff; UNL exhibits at HHD to focus on climate, 'Weather Ready Farms"; Nebraska LEAD announces new leadership class; UNL researchers receive NSF grant to develop next generation soil sensors

Aug. 26, 2016

Corn Production: Bacterial leaf streak of corn confirmed in Nebraska, other Corn Belt states; corn yield forecasts as of Aug. 24
Soybean Production: SDS now reported in soybean
Wheat Production: 2016 Fall Seed Guide
Sorghum Production: Sorghum Field Days to feature industry agronomist
Irrigation Management: sprinkler irrigation system maintenance for improved uniformity and application efficiency; pivot pressure regulator testing at Husker Harvest Days; Technologies for Irrigation Management Field Day Sept. 8
Grain Storage: Pros, cons of alternative grain storage methods
Resistance Management: Dupont-Pioneer research scientist to speak on next generation of insect-resistant biotech crops
On-Farm Research: Researchers are seeking cooperators for cover crop study
AgNews & Events: Cover Crop Field Day Sept. 7 in western Nemaha County; Nebraska crop reports

Aug. 19, 2016

Corn Production: Corn ear formation issues likely correlated with the loss of the primary ear node
Soybean Production: Soybean Stem Borers Feeding in South Central Nebraska
Wheat Production: New varieties added to 2016 Virtual Wheat Tour: Buckskin, Bearpaw, SY Monument, Warhorse, NE 10589 (Ruth), and Mattern
Crop Reports: 2016 crop tour preview; CRP acres in 4 counties eligible for emergency haying and grazing
Weather: Data shows timing of temperature extremes in June and July
Farm Management: Terminating a verbal farm land lease; farm finance and ag law clinics set for September
IANR AgNews: Two Nebraska crop judging teams moving on to regionals; new soils and nutrient management specialist joins Panhandle REC; UNL professor recognized for resources on unmanned aerial systems for ag
Market Journal: View segments on corn and soybean markets, predicting the last irrigation, and how overtime rules affect ag employers
IANR & Extension: Southeast Nebraska Crop Disease Field Day Aug. 24

Aug. 12, 2016

Corn Production: 2016 Corn Yield Forecasts as of Aug. 10 for 41 sites in 10 states; previous corn yield forecasts
Insect Management: Identifying spider mites and the species responsible; managing spider mites in corn and soybean; grasshoppers moving from field borders into crops
Weather: Comparing 2016 summer temperatures with 2015
Cover Crops: Biomass production of winter annual cover crops in corn and soybean
Small Grains: Variety Trial data now available for winter wheat, barley, and triticale
Alfalfa Management: Tips for planting alfalfa in late summer; which winter forage is best suited to your operation
Crop Reports: USDA NASS forecasts record corn and soybean yields for Nebraska; From Nebraska Extension, USDA NASS, US Drought Monitor
Market Journal: View segments on using cover crops as a livestock forage and other livestock topics on this week's show, plus the week ahead forecast.
IANR & Extension Events: Water & Crops Field Day; Late Season Crop Management Diagnostic Clinic; Gudmundsen Sandhill Lab Open House; Crop Management Diagnostic Clinic; Cover Crop Forage Field Day

Aug. 5, 2016

Soybean Production:;Frogeye leaf spot starting to show up in soybean; Soybean/Corn Disease Update and Field Day Aug. 24 near Auburn
Wheat Production: Pre-planting steps for managing winter wheat diseases; the major effect of winter wheat seeding date on yields; 2016 winter wheat variety test results for 14 sites for 2016
Weather: Undulating heat, cooler temperatures to continue
Dry Bean Production: Annual Nebraska Dry Bean Field Tour Set for Aug. 16; highlights of the early years of dry bean production
Farm Management: Nebraska farm real estate values down 3% from 2015; cash rents also down - USDA NASS
Market Journal: Corn and soybean markets, aphids in soybeans, corn diseases, survey process for the Aug. 12 crop report, and the forecast.
Alfalfa & Forage Production: 4 tips for spreading manure in alfalfa; hay & forage hotline
Ag Safety: Tick prevention how-tos and removal
IANR & Extension Events: Soybean Management Field Days Aug. 9-12; Sustainable Ag Profitability Focus of Aug. 18 Panhandle Seminar; Aug. 20 Farm Tour to Look at Cover Crops, Flaming, and Crimping; Aug. 23 Field Day to Explore Systems Approach to Cropping and Irrigation Management; Cover Crop Forage Field Day Aug. 25 near Boelus
AgNews: How the Eastern redcedar problem could affect public school support

July 28, 2016

Corn Production: 2016 corn yield forecasts as of July 27 or 41 sites in 10 Corn Belt states; corn disease update: southern rust confirmed in 10 counties and common rust, gray leaf spot and physoderma reported; corn disease update meetings
Soybean Production: Soybean aphids found in northeast Nebraska; soybean aphid management — why we use a threshold of 250 aphids per plant; Soybean Management Field Days
Sorghum Production: Be on the lookout for sugarcane aphids
Weed Management: New herbicides & managing multiple herbicide-tolerant crops
Farm Management: "So, You’ve Inherited a Farm, Now What?” Seminar Aug. 17 in Lincoln
Market Journal: View segments on the western Nebraska wheat harvest; research on residual herbicides, cover crops, and alternative crops; the health of the ag economy; and the forecast for the coming week.

July 21, 2016

Wheat Production: Higher prices for later delivery in winter wheat; managing winter wheat price risk with marketing assistance loans
On-Farm Research: Project SENSE demonstrations to feature high-tech sensors in action
Crop Reports & Notes: From Extension, USDA-NASS, and the Drought Monitor
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Heat effects on alfalfa
IANR & Extension Events: Late Season Crop Management Diagnostic Clinic at the ARDC Aug. 24; Corn and Soybean Production School Crop Management Diagnostic Clinic Aug. 25

July 15, 2016

Corn Production: Corn Yield Forecasts as of July 13 for 41 sites in 10 Corn Belt states; Nebraska corn production risk by county for irrigated and non-irrigated corn; drought-induced corn potassium deficiency - SDSU iGrow
Soybean Production: Decision making for soybean defoliating insects; soybean aphid thresholds – MSU; UNL Soybean Defoliation Worksheet
Field Pea Production: Replacing summer fallow with grain-type field peas: new markets
Farm Management: What happened to your working capital?  August Farm Finance & Ag Law Clinics
Pesticide Education: Cleaning pesticide application equipment
Weed Management: 142 Attend 2016 Weed Management Field Day
Crop Reports: Latest from Extension, USDA NASS
Climate: Ag community answers: what climate info do you need?
IANR & Extension: View this week’s Market Journal segments on the grain markets, weather impacts on corn and soybean, weed management after wheat, curtailing Palmer amaranth, and the forecast for next week; July 21 Panhandle seminar to focus on millets, India

July 8, 2016

Corn Production: Begin scouting for western bean cutworm eggs in corn; scout for emerging corn rootworm beetles
Soybean Production: Mid-summer is optimum for SCN scouting; check SoyCal - soybean management calendar
Wheat Production: Marketing Loans and Loan Deficiency Payments
Crop Reports: Crop reports from Extension, USDA NASS crop condition report, US Drought Monitor
IANR & Extension: Grassini Appointed to National Field to Market Advisory Board

July 1, 2016

Corn Production: 2016 corn yield forecasts: approach and interpretation of results
Wheat Production: Post harvest weed control in winter wheat
Insect Management: Scout field borders for grasshoppers; Japanese beetles emerging -- identification key to management
Plant Disease Management: Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic report
Farm Management: 2016 Farm Real Estate Final Report; July Ag Finance and Ag Law Clinics
Crop Reports: Extension crop reports & photos; USDA NASS Acreage Report; USDA NASS Stored Grain Report; US Drought Monitor for Nebraska
Market Journal: View segments  on grain markets, Brexit & ag exports, FAA UAV (drone) rules, insect scouting in corn, soybeans, and alfalfa, and the forecast for the coming week.

June 24, 2016

Crop Production: Impacts of extreme heat stress and increased soil temperature on plant growth and development; using degree days to predict western bean cutworm flights
Wheat Production: Control volunteer winter wheat and other weeds now to increase and protect 2017 yields, income
Farm Management: Farm custom rates released for spring and summer operations (Part I) and fall and miscellaneous operations (Part II); 2016 Nebraska Farm Custom Rates Statewide Survey Summary — June 22 Cornhusker Economics
Crop Reports: From Nebraska Extension & USDA NASS
Youth: Register until July 18 for Youth Crop Scouting Competition
AgNews: NDA to offer computer testing for pesticide applicators
IANR & Extension: Market Journal segments on soybean seedling diseases, crop water needs, grain market analysis, and weed management field day.

June 17, 2016

Corn Production: First generation european corn borer scouting and treatment; nitrogen rescue treatments in corn; predicting stalk borer development in corn; UNL corn yield model verifies as reliable large scale yield predictor 
Soybean Production: Herbicide injury and pathogen infection on soybean seedlings
Research: UNL awarded $20 million NSF grant for partnership to improve crop productivity
Weather: Forecast for hot, dry conditions to break next week
Disease Management: Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic Disease Report
Crop Condition & Progress: Reports from Extension and USDA NASS for Nebraska
Dry Beans & Field Peas: Gregor Mendel and his peas — the origin of modern genetics
Water Resource Management: New, multi-media Ag Water Management Guide
IANR & Extension Events: Market Journal segments on soybean seedling diseases, crop water needs, grain market analysis, weed management field day, and more.

June 10, 2016

Corn Production:  Managing corn nematodes: scout sandy soils now, other soils any time; wheat stem maggot damaging corn after rye; stalk borer scouting and management in corn
Wheat Production: Wheat disease update; USDA NASS forecasts record-setting wheat yield Grain Storage: Keeping stored grain cool, dry this summer
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Controlling summer grasses in alfalfa; successfully seeding forages into wheat stubble
Dry Edible Bean Production: Extension releases new resource on direct harvesting dry edible beans
Sugarbeet Production: UNL studying whether sugarbeet char can improve soil
Crop Updates: Extension & USDA NASS crop updates
IANR & Extension: Three Nebraska LEAD alum extol value of their experiences; Resistant Palmer Amaranth Management Field Day at Shickley; UNL High Plains Ag Lab Field Day June 14

June 3, 2016

Crop Production & Crop Protection: Seedling diseases increasing in corn; new video on soybean defoliation; Section 18 insecticide approval for sugarcane aphid in sorghum; stripe rust increasing in wheat; adjusting cutting height in delayed harvest alfalfa; Rollins Emerson – early dry bean researcher; crop reports from USDA NASS, Extension; June 3 Market Journal on prevented planting; corn seedling diseases
Water Resources: North Platte River Basin water update and photos
Irrigation Management: Atmometer (ETgage) installation tips; irrigation sensor installation tips
IANR & Extension: LEAD application deadline June 15; wheat field days June 13-15; Wheat and Field Peas Plot Tour June 15 near Grant; No-till, Soil Health Field Days at Winside June 21 and Alliance June 23; Weed Management Field Day June 29 at Clay Center

May 27, 2016

Corn Production: Q&As on soil nitrogen
Soybean Production: Adjusting for delayed soybean planting
Wheat Production: Wheat disease update
Weather: Forecast for more moisture, then a drier late summer
Planting: Wait for better conditions before heading out on wet soils; despite planting delays, don't plant too shallow
Irrigation Management: Installation tips for ETgages and irrigation sensors
Dry Bean Production: Industry starts in New York
Research: Multi-hybrid planter applications in corn and soybeans; unmanned aircraft (UAV) research at NU 
Crop Reports: From Extension and USDA NASS
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Potato leafhoppers feeding in alfalfa earlier than normal; July 15 deadline for annual forage insurance
Pesticide Safety: Temperature inversion and pesticide drift
IANR & Extension: LEAD Applications Due June 15; May 27 Market Journal; No-till, soil health field days in June; Weed Management Field Day June 29 at Clay Center
AgNews: June Ag Finance and Ag Law Clinic dates revised; farm labor, costs on the Northern Plains

May 20, 2016

Corn Production: Seedling diseases developing in corn; yellow corn seedlings; Acuron: a new corn herbicide; growing degree units and corn emergence (from 2015)
Wheat Production: Head diseases, barley yellow dwarf in wheat
New & Alternative Crop Production: New dry pea research studies to be conducted in 2016; canola research may lead to additional crop option
Ag Reports: Nebraska crop reports; North Platte River Basin water update; May 20 Market Journal
Alfalfa Production: Assess condition of alfalfa fields at first harvest
Insect Management: Black light trap data for west central, south central, and northeast Nebraska facilities; insect pheromone trap report
Farm Management: June Ag Finance and Ag Law Clinics Pesticide Safety: Pesticide drift tree damage reports up this spring
Research: NSF grant to support development of new phenotyping instrument at UNL
IANR & Extension: No-till, Soil Health Field Days at Winside and Alliance; Plant Breeding for Non-Plant Breeders Online Course; 2016 high plains cropping school to focus on wheat, field peas (program brochure); First Nebraska Hop Grower and Brewer Conference

May 13, 2016

Storm Damage & Recovery: How saturated soils affect germination, seedling growth; hail damage in corn; assessing hail damage in wheat; managing hail-damaged alfalfa
Corn Production: Keep or replant initial corn stand; insect trap reports for armyworms, black cutworms, variegated cutworms
Farm Management: Nebraska farm income—what's changed since prices were last this low?
Soybean Production: Are soybean seed-applied biostimulants cost effective in a corn-soybean rotation?
Weed Management: New chart aids selection of diverse site of action herbicides
Wheat Production: Wheat disease update: timing fungicide applications; 6 Nebraska wheat variety tours; wheat stem sawfly webcast; 2016 High Plains Cropping School to focus on wheat, field peas
Dry Bean Production: Year of the Pulse: Why Nebraskans are celebrating - 2016 international year of pulses; Nebraska dry bean acres drop 21%
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Cutting excess pasture for hay; fertilizing cool-season pastures in May
IANR & Extension: Laura Thompson pursues the puzzles of on-farm research
AgNews: Nebraska crop reports from Extension, USDA NASS; UNL project aims to increase hops production in Nebraska

May 6, 2016

Corn Production: Planting delays? It's too early to consider switching hybrids or moving to soybeans
Soybean Production: 6 quick questions on your soybean planting plans
Wheat Production: Above average wheat yields expected across Nebraska; stripe rust widesprad in wheat, but mostly at low levels
Soil Fertility: Managing nitrogen in corn in a wet spring; using chemigation for in-season N application; UNL Project SENSE researching means to increase N efficiency
Weather & Climate: Shift to La Nina likely in late summer or earlier; Q&A: How are soil temperatures recorded?; ag climate update
Alfalfa & Forage Production: scouting recommended for alfalfa and clover weevils; aphids active in Nebraska spring alfalfa; reducing ragweed in pastures; postemergence weed control in alfalfa
Irrigation Management: North Platte River Basin Water Update
Pesticide Safety: Protective gloves, clothing for pesticide applicators; laundering clothing after pesticide applications
Crop Reports: From Extension Educators, NASS
IANR & Extension Programs: Water and Natural Resources Tour June 14-16

April 29, 2016

Corn: Scout emerging corn for insects; insect moth trap counts; wet conditions favorable for seedling diseases; planting corn into a cereal rye cover crop
Wheat Production: Conditions Favorable for Wheat Diseases.
Plant Disease: UNL Plant Pathologist's Book Offers Tales of Scientific Discovery
Weed Management: EPA extends comment period on proposed dicamba registration for ge crops
Crop/Field Reports: USDA NASS & Extension
Alfalfa & Forage Production: How early can alfalfa be cut?
Farm Management: May Ag Finance & Ag Law Clinics 
Technology: Aerial “fire drone” passes Homestead test
IANR & Extension Programs: April 29 Market Journal; Rockey Stresses Importance of Ag Research in Heuermann Lecture; Introductory Field Crop Scout Training May 11 at ARDC; Youth Tractor Safety Courses set for May-June

April 22, 2016

Soybean Production: Early bird gets the worm: benefits of early soybean planting; soybean seeding rate tips; inoculating your soybeans: when, where, and why?
Wheat Production: After recent rains, some wheat diseases increasing; ARS Lincoln research leads to whiter wheat, more food options
Research: 10 steps to on-farm research success
Weed Management: How cool, rainy weather affects burndown herbicide efficacy
Insect Management: Cutworm monitoring network established
Water Resource Management: North Platte water carryover up from 2015
Weather & Climate: April showers expected to continue in spurts
Alfalfa Production: Recommended preseason maintenance of haying equipment
Crop Reports: Extension, NASS, Drought Monitor updates
IANR & Extension News: April 22 Market Journal; Heuermann Lecture Focus on innovation in food and agricultural research; introductory Field Crop Scout Training May 11 at ARDC; silage conference: what to grow and how to store and price it

April 15, 2016

Soybean Production: SoyCal:  UNL releases new web tool for soybean pest management
Wheat Production: Wheat pest survey: stripe rust and aphids confirmed in Nebraska wheat
Corn Production: Three key considerations of early planting corn and soybeans; understanding the risk of freeze damage in early planted corn
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Getting the most forage value from your crp; pitfalls of thickening old alfalfa stands
IANR Faculty & Staff: Rodrigo Werle is the new WCREC cropping systems specialist
IANR & Extension Programs: Cover Crop/Soil Health Field Day Monday, April 18 near Falls City; April 15 Market Journal; Weed management in specialty crops focus of panhandle seminar

April 8, 2016

Weather & Climate: Spring freeze risk for Nebraska
On-Farm Research: ILeVO seed treatment shows promise for sudden death syndrome
Farm Equipment: Preseason field check of planting equipment
Crop Reports: Wheat condition, soil moisture readings, field reports
Weed Management: DiFlexx DUO — a new corn herbicide
Pesticide Safety: Pesticide container recycling available at 24 sites in 2016
IANR & Extension News: Chris Proctor new UNL weed science educator; so you've inherited a farm — now what?; Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement honor 4, elect new members
Crop Reports: Nebraska wheat condition 60% good-excellent

April 1, 2016

Wheat Production: Wheat leaf rust confirmed in Nebraska
Soil Fertility: Nutrient levels, fertility, and the price squeeze
Weed Management: Using preplant tillage to manage glyphosate-resistant giant ragweed; managing early weeds in soybeans; controlling winter annual bromes in pastures with herbicides
Alfalfa & Forage Management: Wrapping hay to beat the weather; take advantage of spring moisture to boost pastures, alfalfa
Crop Reports: Freeze damage to western Nebraska wheat mostly cosmetic; USDA: Nebraska corn acres up 3%; soybean acres unchanged; USDA: NE corn stocks up 16%; soybeans up 9%
Sugar Beet Production: Breeding sugar beets for better resistance to curly top virus
IANR & Nebraska Extension News: UNL Ag College & NCTA sign 2+2 transfer agreement

March 25, 2016

Cover Crops: Herbicide options for planting forage cover crops after corn and soybean
Wheat Production: Wheat rust in Kansas; start scouting in Nebraska
Corn Production: New corn herbicides for 2016
On-Farm Research: SDS seed treatment among on-farm research options
Weather/Climate: More storms, moisture on track for Nebraska; tell state climatologists what weather info you need Soil Management: Preparing and managing to reduce the risk of nitrogen loss
Alfalfa Production: Pros and cons of using companion crops when planting alfalfa; double cropping forages on crop ground
IANR & Nebraska Extension: Women in Agriculture Conference April 8 at Sidney

March 18, 2016

Soybean Production: New Soybean Herbicides for 2016
Weed Management: Control early stages of marestail and kochia now; calibrating your sprayer for effective application; setting sprayer flow rate for non-water solutions; improving pesticide efficacy and managing spray drift, including tips for reducing spray drift; UNL pest management guide
Pesticide Safety: Neighbor-to-neighbor communication is key to avoiding drift damage; NDA Director Ibach on DriftWatch
Sorghum Production: 2015 Sorghum variety test plots
On-Farm Research: 2015 Nebraska on-farm research network growing season results
Farm Safety: Youth tractor safety courses set for May-June
Farm Management: April clinic dates set for ag finance, ag law counseling
IANR & Extension News: Early spring weather & potential impact on plants; deadline extended for Innovative Youth Corn Challenge; UNL Student Maci Lienemann Next Generation delegate; officers elected to Nebraska Ag Leadership Council

March 11, 2016

Farm Management: Nebraska farmland values
Ag Climate: State Climate Office Survey; March forecast
Soybean Production: Soybean Practices survey invitation
Irrigation Management: Lateral, variable-rate irrigation system added for UNL Panhandle REC research
Wheat Production: Wheat rusts mapped at USDA Cereal Rust. Nebraska wheat variety planted for 2016
Pest Management: Nebraska Extension crop scout training for pest managers
Field Pea Production: Replacing summer fallow with grain-type field peas: rotational costs and benefits and planting population
Grain Sorghum Production: Results from grain sorghum variety trials at the High Plains Ag Lab near Sidney
Alfalfa and Forage Production: A guide to planning annual forage systems; 2015 alfalfa variety trial results; why planting alfalfa too early can be risky
On-Farm Research: Nebraska Extension On-Farm Research Network 2015 season results available
AgNews: NDA seeks grant proposals for specialty crops

March 4, 2016

Farm Management: 2016 Nebraska Corn Production Net Income Risk; Q & A: What happens with a loss of operating credit and loan subordination; UNL joins Agricultural Data Coalition
Water Management: Nebraska Ag Water Management Network Conference; Nebraska Groundwater Storage Information Online
Alfalfa Production: Reduce your cost of planting Roundup Ready alfalfa; benefits of applying manure before seeding alfalfa; dormant spray for alfalfa weeds
IANR Programs: March 29 Plant Science Symposium on genetic variation

Feb. 19, 2016

Soybean Production: UNL research on practice of saving Roundup Ready (RR1) soybean seed; soybean producer survey on production practices, yield-limiting factors
Weather: March forecast: a lion on the plains
Grain Storage: Keep stored grain cool and dry to extend storage
Insect Management: New UNL corn rootworm education resource
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Prepare for summer drought
Organic Production: USDA expands insurance options for farmers transitioning to organic
Farm Management: March Financial Aid and Legal Counseling clinics;
IANR News: Online Ag Marketplace Designed by UNL Students; Farm Succession Workshops  Kamble helps IPM gain momentum in urban pest setting

Feb. 5-12, 2016

Grain Storage: Grain Handling Safety Training
Weather: Nebraska Ag Climate Update and Forecast
Water Management: Central Plains Irrigation Conference & Exposition; report reveals rises in Nebraska groundwater levels after multiple years of decline
Cover Crops: Nebraska Cover Crop Conference
Weed Management: Integrated Weed Management Workshop and On-Line Course
Market Journal: NDA Director Greg Ibach, market analysis with Roy Smith, rootworm control with Tom Hunt, the weather forecast with Al Dutcher.
IANR & Nebraska Extension: Agronomy seminars in February; Entomology Seminar: Development of SmartStax for Corn Rootworm Control; Ag Econ Seminar: The Value of Social Capital in Cropland Leasing Relationships; High Plains Ag Lab Research Update

Jan. 29, 2016

Soybean Production: Producers' help needed to identify current soybean practices
Resistance Management: Workshops to address growing challenge of pest resistance
No-till Management: Nebraska No-till and Soil Health Conferences
Marketing: Grain Marketing Workshops at 6 sites in March
Forage & Pasture Production: Low commodity prices may suggest new land uses
Market Journal: Segments on using the Nitrogen Loss Assessment Tool, importance of ag topics in the presidential election, beef market, Veterinary Feed Directive, and the weather forecast for the coming week.
Research Updates: UNL researchers ID target of disease-causing plant pathogens; and USDA researches  Camelina use with soybeans
Ag Programs: Wilber Crop Clinic set for Feb. 12; Women in Agriculture Conference Feb. 25-26 in Kearney; Farm Finance Counseling and Ag Law Clinics in February

Jan. 22, 2016

Farm Management: New online CropClimate tool; Market Journal: Meeting challenges in corn production, market analysis
On-Farm Research: On-Farm Research Report meetings
Precision Ag: Nebraska Ag Technology Conference
Crop Pest Management: 2016 Nebraska Guide for Weed, Disease, and Insect Management now available
IANR & Extension Programs: Gabe Brown to speak on cover crops, no-till; Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones) in Agriculture Symposium; 2016 Precision Ag Workshops; training on land application of livestock manure to be at multiple sites; Farm Succession Workshops
AgNews: Farm Credit Services of America grant for ag literacy; Nebraska Agri-Eco-Tourism Workshop

Jan. 15, 2016

Farm Management: 2016 crop budgets; Cornhusker Economics: Breakeven points drop for all crop budgets in 2016; video on using Excel budget worksheets
Cover Crops: Gabe Brown to speak on cover crops, no-till; forage cover crops
Unmanned Aerial Systems: Mini Symposium: Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones) in Agriculture
USDA Crop Reports: Final corn, soybean numbers; USDA grain stock report
IANR & Extension: Experts Discuss International Trade during Heuermann Lecture; Market Journal; agronomy & horticulture seminar schedule; NeATA Conference; UNL Lectures on water and health; 2016 Precision Ag Workshops; Crop Production Clinics; training on land application of livestock manure to be at multiple sites; Farm Succession Workshops

Jan. 8, 2016

Climate: IANR establishes Nebraska State Climate Office; Nebraska Ag Climate Update
Precision Agriculture: Precision Ag Workshops
Variety Testing: 2016 Spring Seed Guide
Soybean Production: The effectiveness of neonicotinoid seed treatments in soybean
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Why this snow is so good for your alfalfa
Extension Programs: Dry Edible Bean Day; Heuermann Lecture on international trade; Pesticide Sprayer Nozzle Selection Workshops; Crop Production Clinics; Western Nebraska landlord/Tenant Cash Lease Workshop