July 15, 2016

Corn field near silking
A corn field near O'Neill that is nearing silking (R1). Corn yield estimates for 10 Nebraska sites and 31 other sites in the Corn Belt are included in this week's CropWatch. (Photo courtesy of Nicolas Cafaro La Menza and Agustina Diale; taken on July 14, 2016.)

CropWatch July 15, 2016

Corn Production
  • Corn Yield Forecasts as of July 13. Based on modeling corn growth stage and end-of-season yield for 41 sites in 10 Corn Belt states, researchers forecast end-of-season yield for irrigated and rainfed corn. 
  • Nebraska Corn Production Risk by County. Includes county-level risk maps for irrigated and non-irrigated corn production in Nebraska.
  • Drought-Induced Corn Potassium Deficiency. This SDSU iGrow article examines what could cause soil potassium levels in corn to drop from adequate in the fall to deficient the next spring. Recommended by Charles Shapiro, Nebraska Extension Soil Scientist—Crop Nutrition.
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