Sept. 9, 2016

CropWatch Sept. 9, 2016

HHD 2016 Display on Climate Effect on corn yield forecasts
HHD display on cover crops
Using corn yield forecasts to adjust in-season management and the benefits of cover crops are among the myriad of educational exhibits and demonstrations featured at the IANR Building at Husker Harvest Days this year. Preview all the IANR HHD exhibits on the theme "Successfully Managing Extremes" in this week's story and be sure to stop by and visit with Extension educators and specialists next week at Husker Harvest Days.

IANR at Husker Harvest Days Sept. 11-13 — Special Focus on Weather Ready Farms: Successfully Managing Extremes. 

  • Preview the exhibits and demonstrations in this week's story and plan to engage with Nebraska Extension educators and specialists about how you can apply these tools on your farms and ranches.
  • Ron Yoder, IANR interim vice chancellor for the UNL Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, describes why this year's theme is so important for Nebraska agriculture. 

Corn and Soybean Production

Wheat Production

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  • View Market Journal segments on controlling marestail, soybean marketing, the future of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, and the forecast for the coming week.