November 2013 - Index of Articles

CropWatch November 2013 - Index of Articles

Jeff Peterson, president of Heartland Farm Partners, discusses corn and soybean market strategies and export opportunities.

November 2013


Corn Production

Weed Management

  • Tips for Identifying Fall Emerging Weeds. With recent precipitation, many winter annual weeds are actively emerging in fields. Effective management this fall begins with correct identification. This article offers photos and details on how to identify and differentiate major weed species in Nebraska cropland.

Alternative Crop Production

  • Disease-resistant Peas Developed for Release. New dry-pea breeding lines developed by USDA scientists and their collaborators may offer growers added insurance against Aphanomyces root rot, a disease that can cause crop yield losses of 20% to 100%.

Farm Management

Weather Update

Grain Storage

  • Dealing with wet grain this harvest? For recommendations on how to protect your harvest, see the Grain Storage Management section of CropWatch.

Crop Reports

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