October 12, 2012 - Index of Stories

CropWatch October 12, 2012 - Index of Stories


Planning for Dryland Corn Populations

How might the drought affect dryland corn seeding rates for 2013? UNL agronomists model three populations and their yield potential, based on soil moisture at planting.  More

  Dryland Corn population model
 Pilot's view of MET Towers  

Marking MET Towers

As the number of studies of wind potential in Nebraska grows, so does the number of testing towers. See how invisible they are to a pilot and how to change that.  More

October 12-19, 2012



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Drought and a mild winter could influence disease in winter wheat. Stephen Wegulo, UNL Extension plant pathologist, shows growers what diseases could appear and how they can minimize potential damage. See more Market Journal segments.