August 24, 2012: Index of Articles

CropWatch August 24, 2012: Index of Articles

 Aspergillus ear rot

Conditions Exist for Aspergillus Ear Rot

Drought and high temperatures favor the development of Aspergillus ear rot, a fungus that can produce aflatoxin. Reported problems are currently in a small percentage of southeast Nebraska fields. See story and Market Journal segment. More

Wheat Planting Guide

Weights may be needed to help planters penetrate dry, hard soil to plant wheat. See this week's stories on recommended planting date, rate, and planter adjustments and watch for stories next week on seed treatments and fall insect issues in wheat. More

 Photo of weights added to a wheat drill

August 24, 2012

Corn Production

Wheat Production

Map of recommended wheat planting dates for Nebraska

Soybean Production



IANR & Extension Programs


This week's Market Journal is hosted from the Gudmundsen Sandhills Laboratory Open House and features livestock and crop developments due to the drought.  This box plays the entire one-hour show.  To view individual segments, see Market Journal on YouTube, or see related articles in this week's CropWatch.