Nebraska Crop Production Clinic Proceedings – 2019

Nebraska Crop Production Clinics Proceedings 2019

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Welcome to the 12th Annual Crop Production Clinics

Chris Proctor

Agribusiness Management & Marketing

Farm Programs, Payments, and Prospects

Brad Lubben

Nebraska Cropland Rental Rates and Financial Trends 2019

Jim Jansen; Jeff Stokes

Crop Production

Adoption of Yellow Field Pea: Replacing Summer Fallow with Field Pea and the Relationship between Planting Timing, Population, and Yield

Samuel Koeshall; Cody Creech; Amanda Easterly; Rodrigo Werle; Strahinja Stepanovic

Impact of Cover Crop Management on Rainfed Corn Production in Western Nebraska

Alexandre Tonon Rosa; Roger Elmore; Daran Rudnick; Cody Creech; Rodrigo Werle

Double Cropping Field Peas with Cover Crops, Forages, and Short Season Crops

Alexandre Tonon Rosa; Samuel Koeshall; Strahinja Stepanovic; Cody Creech; Keith Glewen; Rodrigo Werle

Using Cover Crops as a Weed Management Tool for Managing Herbicide-Resistant Weeds

Chris Proctor; Josh Wehrbein

Cover Crops Benefit Nebraska Agroecosystems in Many Ways

Katja Koehler-ColeRoger ElmoreHumberto Blanco; Chris Proctor;
Sabrina Ruis; Surabhi Gupta; Charles Francis; Charles Shapiro

How much cover crop growth is needed for weed control? A review of Corn Belt research and opportunities in Nebraska

Andrea Basche


Wheat Insect Update

Jeff Bradshaw, Bethany Bergstrom

The Biology and Management of Ear-Feeding Lepidopteran Pests of Corn in Nebraska

Katharine Swoboda Bhattarai, Julie Peterson, Thomas Hunt

Soybean Gall Midge: An Emerging Pest of Soybeans

Justin McMechan, Thomas Hunt, Robert Wright

What’s New in Entomology: Nebraska Panhandle

Jeff Bradshaw

What's New in Entomology: West Central Nebraska

Samantha Daniel, Justin McMechan, Jeff Bradshaw, Julie Peterson

What’s New in Entomology: Eastern Nebraska

Robert Wright, Justin McMechan, Thomas Hunt

Forage Management

Native Warm-Season Grass Management and Planting Decisions for Alternative Forages

Daren Redfearn, Mary Drewnoski

Pesticide Education

Applying Pesticides Safely

Clyde Ogg, Frank Bright, Greg Puckett

Plant Pathology

Wheat Disease Update: Bacterial Streak and Black Chaff

Stephen Wegulo

Specialty Crop Disease Update

Bob Harveson

Corn Disease Update

Tamra Jackson-Ziems

Root Disease Update

Tony Adesemoye

Soybean Disease Update

Loren Giesler, Tamra Jackson-Ziems

What's New in Plant Pathology

Tamra Jackson-Ziems; Stephen Wegulo; Kyle Broderick

Soil Fertility

Nitrogen Inhibitors for Improved Fertilizer Use Efficiency

Richard Ferguson, Bijesh Maharjan, Charles Wortmann, Brian Krienke

Profit and Nitrogen Use Efficiency Gain Using Sensor-Guided Fertigation

Brian Krienke, Richard Ferguson, Suat Irmak, Daran Rudnick, Charles Shapiro, Tim Shaver, Keith Glewen, Bijesh Maharjan, Charles Wortmann, Mohammed Naser

Fertilizer P for Corn: Update of Research Findings and Revised Recommendations

Charles Wortmann, Bijesh Maharjan, Brian Krienke

Weed Science

Palmer Amaranth Control in Dry Bean

Clint Beiermann, Nevin Lawrence

The Importance of Early Season Weed Control

Nevin Lawrence, Clint Beiermann

Effects of Dicamba Micro-Rates on Yields of Non-Dicamba Soybeans

O. Adewale Osipitan, Jon Scott, Stevan Knezevic

Critical Time for Weed Removal in Corn and Soybean is Delayed by Pre-Herbicides

Stevan Knezevic, O. Adewale Osipitan, Jon Scott

Over a Half Century of Trying to Solve Weed Management Challenges

Robert Klein