Tamra Jackson-Ziems, Extension Plant Pathologist

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Map showing the 70 counties where bacterial leaf streak has how been confirmred.
Bacterial leaf streak has now been confirmed in corn in 70 Nebraska counties.

Crop Disease Update August 10, 2018

Plant pathologists report on the corn and soybean diseases they're seeing. Bacterial leaf streak has now been confirmed in 70 counties and Southern rust was confirmed in three more counties.

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Southern rust on a corn leaf

Southern Rust of Corn Confirmed in Nebraska July 20, 2018

Southern rust has been confirmed in corn in three eastern Nebraska counties this week. Corn fields should be scouted soon and frequently in the coming weeks for this and other diseases in case treatment is necessary.

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What’s New in Plant Pathology: Changes in the Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic July 2, 2018

New to the Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic is Kyle Broderick, who became coordinator after working as an extension technologist in a University of Nebraska soybean pathology lab for six years.

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Goss's bacterial wilt and blight and northern corn leaf blight on the same corn leaf.
Figure 1. Goss’s bacterial wilt and blight (top) and northern corn leaf blight (lower) lesions may be easily confused. Note the darker water-soaked appearance of the Goss’s wilt lesion and presence of the dark freckles. The northern corn leaf blight lesion is tan in color and has rounded ends. (Photos by Tamra Jackson-Ziems)

Differentiating Corn Leaf Diseases June 29, 2018

Symptoms of various corn leaf diseases can look very similar in the early stages. Here's how to differentiate one from another of those recently reported in the state.

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Flooding and Ponding in Corn June 22, 2018

Ponding or flooding of fields affects corn differently at different stages, depending on duration of flooding and other factors. Growers should assess the potential for nitrogen loss and increase scouting for corn disease in these fields.

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Chart showing estimated yields of various populations per planting date

Severe Storms and Hail-Damaged Crops: Steps for Making the Right Decisions June 14, 2018

After recent severe storms that rolled across parts of Nebraska, growers are encouraged to wait 7-10 days to fully assess crop damage and determine next management steps. Research-based estimated yields from replanting now are included.

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Bacterial leaf streak and Goss's wilt
Figure 1. (left) Corn leaves with bacterial leaf streak may appear to have a yellow halo around lesions. (right) Recent wet conditions and wounding from hail or storms favor development of Goss's wilt, shown here. (Photos by Tamra Jackson-Ziems)

Conditions Right for Development of Corn Diseases June 7, 2018

Severe weather and wet conditions across much of Nebraska this week may favor increased development of diseases in corn, particularly bacterial leaf streak and Goss’s bacterial wilt and blight. For assistance in correctly identifying diseases, submit samples to the Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic.

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Fungicides are for Fungi April 24, 2018

Management of foliar fungal disease is achieved in many of our field crops by applying fungicides. Over the past several years, there have been examples of misidentification of some bacterial diseases that are easily confused for fungal diseases in field crops.

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