Tamra Jackson-Ziems, Extension Plant Pathologist

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Corn root damage from root-lesion and other nematodes

Nebraska Corn Board Supports Free Corn Nematode Testing November 10, 2017

A new program to provide free soil analysis for corn nematodes is being made possible by the Nebraska Corn Board. Growers are invited to submit soil samples to a University of Nebraska-Lincoln lab from now through spring to be tested for the root-lesion nematode.

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Diplodia fungus on a corn ear

Ear Rot Diseases Developing in Some Nebraska Corn Fields September 29, 2017

Common ear rot diseases are beginning to develop in corn fields and growers are encouraged to scout fields prior to harvest to aid in management decisions. Harvest and storage conditions can impact whether grain molds will continue to worsen.

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Figure 1. Lodged corn due to stalk rot diseases. (Photo by Tamra Jackson-Ziems)

Stalk Rot Diseases in Nebraska Corn Fields September 22, 2017

Stalk rots can be found in corn across Nebraska. This story addresses the risk factors and how to scout for stalk rots, assess stalk strength, and determine extent of damage in a field. Fields with high levels of stalk rot should be given priority at harvest to reduce yield losses due to lodging.

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Bacterial leaf streak in corn
Figure 1. Bacterial leaf streak symptoms on corn are interveinal streaks that may appear tan, brown, or especially yellow when backlit by the sun.

Bacterial Leaf Streak of Corn August 25, 2017

Bacterial leaf streak was just confirmed in Nebraska in 2016, the first incidence in the US, but has now spread to 56 counties and is found in eight other states.Learn about factors contributing to its development and "host" plants, as well as management options.

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Gray leaf spot (left) and southern rust (right) in corn

Corn Disease Update: Are we out of the woods yet? August 18, 2017

As southern rust development slowed in some areas with recent cooler temperatures, gray leaf spot severity is now increasing and moving up corn plants to critical leaves for grain fill. Fungicides may be warranted for some GLS.

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Counties with confirmed southern rust

Continued Scouting Urged for Southern Rust Now in 26 Counties August 4, 2017

Southern rust has now been confirmed in corn in 26 Nebraska counties. As we confirm more Nebraska counties with southern rust, it's important to know that the vast majority of rust reports have been sparse and no fungicide application was required. Continued scouting is urged, as injury can be critical to the grain-fill through dough stages.

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Map of counties where southern rust had been confirmed as of Aug. 3, 2017
Map of counties where southern rust had been confirmed as of Aug. 3, 2017

Nebraska Counties where Southern Rust Has Been Confirmed in Corn August 3, 2017

As of Aug. 3 southern rust had been confirmed in 26 Nebraska counties by the University of Nebraska Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab. This map is updated as new confirmations are made.

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Southern rust pustules on a corn leaf

Corn Disease Update: Southern Rust Increasing; Diplodia New to Nebraska July 27, 2017

Warm, wet conditions across Nebraska the past two weeks created optimal conditions for crop diseases. This update looks at identification and management of three diseases in corn: southern rust, which is expanding in the state, bacterial leaf streak, and diplodia, which is new to Nebraska.

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