Clyde Ogg - Pesticide Safety Extension Educator

a tractor applying pesticide

PSEP: Online Certification Options

March 19, 2020
Nebraska Extension has canceled all in-person training, including chemigation and pesticide applicator training, starting March 16, 2020. The COVID-19 Information page on the PSEP website will serve as a hub for PSEP-related information during the interrupted training season.

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National Pesticide Safety Education Month

Your Local PSEP at Work: Teaching Safety to Thousands of Applicators

January 21, 2020
Our job at the Nebraska Extension Pesticide Safety Education Program is to educate and train the state’s 29,800+ applicators while using both general use and restricted use pesticides.

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2020 FAQ for RUP Dicamba Herbicides (FeXapan™, Engenia®, XtendiMax® and Tavium®)

December 17, 2019
This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) addresses grower questions on dicamba training, record keeping, and application for the 2020 crop season. Additional training is required for all applicators of restricted use dicamba products.

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Sample pesticide applicator card

Registrations Now Open for 2020 Private Pesticide Training

December 10, 2019
Nebraska Extension’s private pesticide applicator training season gets underway in January and continues through April for the approximately 10,000 private applicators recertifying their licenses to apply restricted use pesticides (RUPs).

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Screen capture of one of the new flip books for pesticide training

New Pesticide Training FlipBooks Offer Convenience, Cost-Savings

December 10, 2019
New, state-of-the-art digital manuals, or FlipBooks, are now available for Nebraska commercial/noncommercial applicators seeking initial certification to use restricted use pesticides (RUPs).

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Composite photo showing benefactors of pesticide education
Nebraska Extension Pesticide Safety Education Program training helps keep people, animals, plants and non-targets safe. Statewide training runs January through April.

Commercial/Noncommercial Pesticide Training, Opportunities Continue to Grow

December 10, 2019
Multiple opportunities are available for 2020 commercial/noncommercial pesticide training for applicators to become certified or recertified to use restricted-use pesticides in Nebraska.

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Table of Heat Index Levels

Beat the Heat, Prevent Exhaustion and Stroke

June 12, 2019
Knowing the signs of heat-related illness can be a lifesaver for those who work long hours outdoors. Learn to recognize the symptoms of heat stress and heat stroke and how to respond. Apps for your phone and computer can help identify the local heat index.

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Map of 2019 pesticide container recycling sites

Do Your Part by Recycling Pesticide Containers: Here's How

May 14, 2019
Now in its 28th year, the pesticide container recycling program has 18 sites statewide where producers and commercial applicators can take used pesticide containers. In 2018 the program recycled almost 75,000 pounds of containers, diverting them from landfills.

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