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2018 map of agricultural pesticide container recylcing sites
2018 map of agricultural pesticide container recylcing sites

Why and Where to Recycle Your Ag Pesticide Containers April 18, 2018

After applying ag chemicals to your field, rinse and recycle the plastic containers at one of 18 sites across the state. This is the 27th year for the Nebraska program, which in 2017 collected 89,000 pounds of containers.

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Facilal respirators used during pesticide application
Figure 1. Respirators provide protection only if they are in good condition, appropriate for the work, and fit the subject. The fit test determines whether the respirator can provide protection. Remember to read and understand the label before using any pesticide.

Have You Read Your Pesticide Labels Lately? April 3, 2018

As you ready your field equipment for the coming crop season, are you including a respirator as part of your personal protective equipment? Certain pesticides, such as formulations of Engenia® and Lorsban™, require a NIOSH-approved respirator to mix, load, handle, and apply.

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Q&A: How Often do I Need to Record Dicamba Sprayer Cleanout? February 26, 2018

New RUP dicamba Q&A: Since I must record how and when the spray system cleanout was done, how should I do this when using the same RUP dicamba product on Xtend soybeans for multiple loads and/or over several days?

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Row crop pesticide applicator

PSEP — A Common Foundation for Many Pest Management Professionals February 8, 2018

Nebraska Extension's Pesticide Safety Education Program is expected to recertify more than 6,500 private, commercial, and noncommercial applicators in 2018. Annually it conducts more than 200 initial and recertification educational programs across the state.

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Dicamba FAQ icon

Dicamba FAQs Updated February 2, 2018

This week the university's Frequently Asked Questions Guide for RUP Dicamba Herbicides (FeXapan™, Engenia® and XtendiMax®) was updated to address new questions from growers. More questions may be added to the site from time to time so check back for further information.

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New Extension Training Available for Applicators of RUP Dicamba January 10, 2018

Online training is available for Nebraska applicators who plan to use new restricted use pesticide (RUP) dicamba products in 2018. Nebraska Extension, working with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, developed the core curriculum, which is also being used for training at Crop Production Clinics and some in-person training sites.

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Applying Pesticides Safely January 8, 2018

The world of pesticides is continually evolving; however, many basic principles of pesticide use for commercial and noncommercial applicators remain the same. It is vital to become familiar with how a product should be properly applied by reading and following its label. Listed here are some basic steps and a number of Nebraska Extension resources for further information. An article from the Proceedings of the 2018 Nebraska Extension Crop Production Clinics.

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Sample private pesticide applicator certification card for 2018

Resistance, Safety are Key Topics in Private Pesticide Applicator Training December 13, 2017

Private pesticide applicators holding licenses that expire in 2018, as well as anyone seeking first-time private applicator certification, can contact their local Nebraska Extension office for information on pesticide safety education training sessions. About 200 statewide sessions will be held January-April.

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