New Pesticide Training FlipBooks Offer Convenience, Cost-Savings

New Pesticide Training FlipBooks Offer Convenience, Cost-Savings

Innovative, updated training materials for pesticide applicators are now available from Nebraska Extension’s Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP).

A screen capture of two pages from the General Standards Flip Book
Figure 1. PSEP’s new digital FlipBooks offer convenience and cost-savings for initial (first-time) commercial/noncommercial pesticide applicators.

New, state-of-the-art digital manuals, or FlipBooks, will help commercial/noncommercial applicators obtain their initial, or first-time, certification to use restricted use pesticides (RUPs)

Soon to be available through PSEP’s new online store, FlipBooks cover 18 categories of certification, plus the core competencies, or General Standards, required of all commercial/noncommercial applicators.

FlipBooks offer more complete training than other publications. Check out this free sample FlipBook. While based on PSEP’s traditional print training manuals, most FlipBooks have the added benefit of video and color images. Viewed on a computer with internet access, FlipBooks are easy to access and use. Pages turn with a mouse click, and may be bookmarked or translated into other languages.

FlipBooks also are a cost-savings over the traditional print materials and on-site training sessions. FlipBook costs range from $40 to $60, and are available to view at any time for one year from purchase. They cannot be downloaded or printed, however. As a cost-savings example, the Ag Plant (01) FlipBook, which includes training videos and color photos, is $55. Alternatively, the investment was $105 to purchase the manual ($25) and attend training ($80 to see training videos). The savings in this example is $50.

Studying materials is just the first step in becoming certified and licensed for commercial pesticide use in Nebraska. Individuals also must pass an exam on the General Standards Core material, plus pass an exam on each additional category relevant to the person’s job. For testing information after studying with FlipBooks, see updates at

Exams are administered by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture at one of several sites throughout the state. (See There is no cost to take the exam, although upon successfully passing it (minimum score of 70%), the commercial licensing fee is $90. No fee is charged for noncommercial applicators, such as those applying RUPs (and/or GUPs and “minimal risk” pesticides for mosquito vector control) to their employer’s property or for a governmental agency or subdivision of the state.

For a fee, some exams also are offered at 12 secure Pearson Vue computerized testing sites in Nebraska.

Recertification and relicensing are required every three years for both General Standards and any additional categories.

New Commercial/Noncommercial FlipBooks with category numbers are:
00 General Standards 03 Forestry 06 Seed Treatment 09 Public Health
01 Agricultural Plant 04 Ornamental and Turf 07 Right of Way 10 Wood Preservation
01A Soil Fumigation 05 Aquatic 08 Structural Health 11 Fumigation
02 Agricultural Animal 05S Sewer Root Control 08W Wood Destroying Organisms 12 Aerial
14 Wildlife Damage
Regulatory Demonstration/Research

While prospective commercial/noncommercial initial applicators are strongly encouraged to use the new FlipBooks, print manuals are still available.

Private certified pesticide applicators, on the other hand, need to attend a training session or successfully complete PSEP’s private online training program.

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