Clint Beiermann - Graduate Research Assistant

Dry bean weed management trial

The Importance of Early Season Weed Control

January 9, 2019
Do early season weeds have the same impact as later season flushes? Researchers here report on a 2018 study conducted in dry bean to compare how soon after planting crop yield was impacted by weed presence.

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Trial studying efficacy of products on Palmer amaranth

Palmer Amaranth Control in Dry Bean

January 14, 2019
Residual herbicides applied at or before planting are critically important to controlling emerged Palmer amaranth in dry bean. Research at the Panhandle REC assessed the efficacy of PRE and pre-plant incorporated (PPI) residual herbicide programs.

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Sugarbeet Weed. Links to full article.

Herbicide-Resistant Kochia, Palmer, and Waterhemp in the Panhandle: Distribution and Management

January 8, 2018
Several field trials were undertaken in 2017 to look at options for controlling herbicide-resistant kochia, Palmer amaranth, and waterhemp in dry bean, corn, and sugarbeet. In addition over 80 kochia, Palmer amaranth, and waterhemp plants were collected for testing of herbicide resistance. Of these 50% of kochia and 13% of Palmer amaranth plants tested were resistant to field rates of glyphosate. While options are limited in the Panhandle, pairing crop rotations with herbicide programs using PRE and layby treatments provided effective control of key weed species. An article from the Proceedings of the 2018 Nebraska Extension Crop Production Clinics.

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