Stephen Wegulo - Extension Plant Pathologist

Stephen Wegulo

Work Plant Sciences Hall (PLSH) 406H
Lincoln NE 68583-0722
Work 402-472-8735 On campus, dial 2-8735

Faculty Bio
Website: Wheat Disease section of CropWatch Plant Disease Management
Twitter: @wegulo2

Wheat field day attendees
Figure 1. A wheat field day at the Henry J. Stumpf International Wheat Center near Grant in Perkins County on June 21.

Wheat Disease Update: Overview of the 2022 Growing Season

June 24, 2022
The major factors that have impacted the wheat crop in 2022 are drought-like conditions — especially in western Nebraska, where freeze damage also caused significant injury — hail, and the virus diseases wheat streak mosaic and barley yellow dwarf.

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Hail damaged wheat

Pre-harvest Hail in 2022 Elevates the Risk for Wheat Streak Mosaic in 2023

June 17, 2022
This year, given the widespread pre-harvest hail in Nebraska wheat, it's crucial to take measures that will minimize the risk of occurrence of wheat streak mosaic in next year’s winter wheat crop. 

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Wheat stem maggot

Wheat Disease Update — June 10

June 10, 2022
Growers in southeast Nebraska have detected trace levels of foliar fungal diseases in wheat fields; no rust diseases have been reported yet. 

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Wheat streak mosaic

Wheat Disease Update: Barley Yellow Dwarf and Wheat Streak Mosaic

June 9, 2022
Widespread wheat streak mosaic and severe barley yellow dwarf have been scouted in Panhandle wheat fields.

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Wheat streak mosaic

Wheat Disease Update: May 19

May 20, 2022
Recent drought-like conditions have slowed the onset of diseases in wheat fields, with only trace levels of diseases observed in southeast Nebraska so far.

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Virus infected wheat
Figure 1. The wheat-mite-virus complex has extreme potential to impact yield the following year if high risk volunteer wheat situations are not managed well. (Photo by Gary Hein)

Results of Not Controlling Volunteer Wheat in Wheat Stubble — Soil Water Loss and Disease

June 29, 2021
Volunteer wheat can provide the summer "green bridge" for the disease wheat streak mosaic and other virus diseases, as well as soil water loss that could translate into a substantial decrease in yields the following year.

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Wheat field day attendees
Figure 1. A wheat field day at the High Plains Ag Lab in Cheyenne County on June 15.

Wheat Disease Update

June 18, 2021
The majority of fields visited in southern Nebraska this week had only trace levels of Fusarium head blight, but moderate to high levels of FHB were observed in susceptible varieties in a state variety trial in Red Willow County.

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Fusarium head blight
Figure 1. Fusarium head blight in a grower’s field in Nuckolls County on June 8.

Trace to Low Levels of Fusarium Head Blight Observed in Wheat Fields in South-central and Southeast Nebraska

June 10, 2021
In southern Nebraska, Fusarium head blight has been observed. In other parts of the state, hot temperatures have slowed the development of new stripe rust, but heavily infected fields are now experiencing accelerated drying out of leaves.  

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