Stephen Wegulo - Extension Plant Pathologist

Stephen Wegulo

Work Plant Sciences Hall (PLSH) 406H
Lincoln NE 68583-0722
Work 402-472-8735 On campus, dial 2-8735

Faculty Bio
Website: Wheat Disease section of CropWatch Plant Disease Management
Twitter: @wegulo2

Stripe rust
Figure 1: Stripe rust (Photo by Nathan Mueller)

Track Stripe and Leaf Rust in Winter Wheat Across Nebraska

April 29, 2021
Producers are encouraged to report wheat stripe and leaf rust sightings again this year to help Nebraska Extension continue monitoring movement of these crop diseases throughout the state.

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Powdery mildew on wheat

Scout Wheat Fields for Early Disease Detection

April 28, 2021
The presence of diseases in their early stages of development in research plots indicates that it is time to scout Nebraska wheat fields for early disease detection.

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wheat grain contaminated with ergots

Reducing Yield Loss in Wheat Through Fungicide Seed Treatments

September 1, 2020
Three strategies can be used in combination to manage seed transmitted fungal diseases of wheat: fungicide seed treatments, use of clean seed, and planting resistant varieties.

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what leaf rust

Wheat Disease Update: June 10

June 11, 2020
As of June 10, diseases in Nebraska wheat fields remained at trace to low levels. Stripe rust was detected in a grower’s field in southeast Nebraska (Thayer County) on May 27, but hot and dry weather prevented its development.

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wheat showing signs of barley yellow dwarf

Wheat Disease Update: June 2

June 2, 2020
Disease levels are low in most Nebraska wheat fields. Current hot daytime temperatures and dry conditions will keep disease levels low in areas that do not receive rainfall.

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stripe rust on wheat

Wheat Disease Update: Stripe Rust Confirmed in Nebraska

May 28, 2020
During a survey of wheat fields in south central and southeast Nebraska on May 27, stripe rust was found at trace levels in a grower’s wheat field in Thayer County in southeast Nebraska.

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fungal leaf spot disease on wheat

Wheat Disease Update – Barley Yellow Dwarf and Fungal Leaf Spots Increasing

May 21, 2020
A survey of wheat fields in southern west central Nebraska (Furnas and Harlan Counties) on May 19 found most fields to have little or no disease. Two fields had a high incidence of barley yellow dwarf.

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Septoria tritici blotch in the lower canopy of wheat

Wheat Diseases Developing, Scout Fields for Early Detection

May 15, 2020
Reports from the wheat growing regions in Nebraska indicate low or no disease pressure in most growers’ fields. However, some fields are showing low to moderate levels of disease.

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