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Barley yellow dwarf disease in wheat
Barley yellow dwarf disease in wheat

Head Diseases, Barley Yellow Dwarf in Wheat May 19, 2016

With wheat headed or flowering in southeast and south central Nebraska, head diseases are starting to appear, including Fusarium head blight, loose smut, white mold (scab) and barley yellow dwarf. Wheat stem maggots were also causing damage.

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Leaf rust in wheat at the UNL Havelock Farm
Leaf rust in wheat at the UNL Havelock Farm

Wheat Disease Update May 13, 2016

Wheat is heading, headed, or flowering in most fields in eastern Nebraska. The Fusarium Head Blight Prediction Center is currently showing a low risk for scab in Nebraska. However, due to the recent rains, there is a possibility that some level of scab may occur in some fields, and the risk will be higher in areas that receive rainfall in the next 10 days. Base the decision to apply a fungicide to suppress scab on the risk level, the cost of application, and the price of wheat.

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Wheat stripe rust
Stripe rust in wheat

Stripe Rust Widespread in Wheat But Mostly At Low Levels May 6, 2016

Report of this week's wheat disease survey: On May 3 stripe rust was observed for the first time at the UNL Havelock Farm in Lincoln, where incidence was low and severity ranged from trace to high. t the Agricultural Research and Development Center near Mead on May 3, infections had spread from small hot spots one to two weeks earlier to larger areas in research plots, and leaf damage was apparent Wheat growth stage at these two locations ranged from flag leaf emergence to heading. On May 5, field surveys found stripe rust to be widespread in the west central and southern Panhandle of Nebraska. The flag leaf had not emerged or was just starting to emerge in these parts of the state. Wheat mosaic virus was identified in Deuel County.

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Wheat field in Saline County April 28, 2016
Figure 1. A healthy-looking wheat field in Saline County on April 28. Recent rains boosted wheat growth, but created conditions favorable for wheat disease. Growers are encouraged to scout and treat if necessary to protect the flag leaf. (Photos by Stephen Wegulo)

Conditions Favorable to Disease Growth in Wheat April 29, 2016

Wheat field surveys in southeast and south central Nebraska (Lancaster, Saunders, Saline, Filmore, Thayer, Nuckolls, Webster, and Clay counties) on April 27-28 found little disease in growers’ fields.  The wheat crop looked healthy and was growing vigorously (Figure 1) thanks to the recent rains.

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stripe rust on wheat
Figure 2. Stripe rust on the upper leaves in a research plot at the ARDC on April 21

After Rains, Some Wheat Diseases Increasing April 22, 2016

Following rains across much of the state last week, wheat diseases appear to be increasing, based on field surveys this week. Reported diseases include powdery mildew, stripe rust, and leaf spot.

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Photos of 3 wheat fields: with stripe rust, leaf rust, and healthy
(From left) Figure 1. A hot spot of stripe rust in a research plot at the ARDC near Mead on April 14. Figure 2. Leaf rust in a research plot at the ARDC near Mead on April 14. Figure 3. A healthy wheat field in Thayer County on April 13. (Figures 1-8 by Stephen Wegulo)

Stripe Rust & Aphids Confirmed in Nebraska Wheat April 15, 2016

Wheat disease surveys on April 8 and April 12-14 found stripe rust and leaf rust at trace to low levels in south central and southeast Nebraska and in the Panhandle. Given the locations of outbreaks in Banner County this spring are the same as when the disease was identified in seedlings last fall, the two rusts may have overwintered. See more reports and management recommendations.

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Wheat Leaf Rust Confirmed in Nebraska March 31, 2016

On March 30, leaf rust was found in several wheat fields in Nuckolls County in south central Nebraska. Severity was trace (Figure 1), but the rust was found in every field surveyed. Presence of leaf rust in Nebraska this early in the growing season suggests it may have overwintered or is a result of unusually warm winter temperatures which resulted in earlier than normal movement of spores from southern states into our region.

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Wheat Rust in Kansas; Start Scouting Nebraska Fields March 22, 2016

Due to above average temperatures this winter and going into the spring, coupled with moisture, stripe rust and leaf rust have moved north from southern states sooner than expected.

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