November 10, 2017

Raking downed corn
Raking into windrows and using a combine pick-up attachment can be a good option for picking up downed corn. A photo series by Bob Klein in this week's CropWatch illustrates this and other grower experiences to harvest the most crop.

CropWatch November 10, 2017

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Bryce Doeschot Comes Full Circle with KRVN Radio Gig. Learn more about the farm broadcaster in KRVN's new Lincoln studio, a video specialist and 2017 University of Nebraska–Lincoln graduate.

Season-Ending Freeze Later Than Normal. Read about this and more in the October Climate Update from the Nebraska State Climate Office

Cornhusker Economics: Livestock Air Emission Requirements. Livestock air emission reporting requirements will go into effect for some livestock operations this Wednesday, November 15, unless the court grants the EPA an extension.