September 13, 2013 - Index of Articles

CropWatch September 13, 2013 - Index of Articles

yield monitor

Good data in means good data out -- data that can help you fine-tune your site-specific management. Get tips for calibrating sensors and adjusting your yield monitor to get quality data.

September 13, 2013


  • Yield Monitor Checks Help Ensure Quality Data Collection. A well-calibrated yield monitor system should estimate total yield within a 1-3% error range, providing the information you need to fine-tune your management system. This article and the related Market Journal video offer "how-to" information you can apply now and at the start of harvest to ensure quality data.

Market Journal

  • MJ program guest speakers analyze the markets following this week's USDA Crop report and discuss management of ear rot in corn, whether soybean nitrogen use is critical for high yields, yield monitor preparations for harvest, and the forecast for next week.

Alfalfa & Forage Production

Health & Safety

  • Make Farming with Arthritis Easier. Learn how you can simplify chores and use assistive solutions to reduce joint stress and prevent further joint damage. Easing into the day with a morning stretch routine also can help. Try the tips in this article and follow the links to two step-by-step guides.

USDA Crop Reports for Nebraska