Sept. 18-24, 2010: Story Index

CropWatch Sept. 18-24, 2010: Story Index

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 EEF Fertilizers

New formulations of slow release fertilizers are being marketed as enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEF). Learn more about them, how you might test them on farm, and what to consider before buying. See More

What lies Ahead

Good harvest conditions — dry weather and above average temperatures — should prevail in Nebraska Sept. 26 - Oct. 8, but may hamper winter wheat seeding in western Nebraska.  See More

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September 24, 2010

Grain Drying & Storage

Nutrient Management

Wheat Production

Soybean Production

2010-2011 Forecasts

Irrigation Management

Crop Reports

Extension Programs & Resources

Ronnie Green, new Harlan Vice Chancellor for UNL's Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, visits with Host Doug Jose about the direction of agriculture on this week's Market Journal. View this segment below or the whole program at

Keith Small, Commercial Safety Lead with Monsanto, discusses how to stay safe during harvest and when handling and storing grain.View this segment below or the whole program at