May 24, 2013 - Index of Articles

CropWatch May 24, 2013 - Index of Articles

Water sensors  

Soil Sensors Offer
Water Savings

With spring planting nearly done and fuel prices climbing, this is a great time to install ETgages and soil water sensors to get season-long data to aid with irrigation management.

Where Wheat is Failing

After a dry fall and spring freezes, many winter wheat stands in the Panhandle are thin and will yield poorly. Learn several options for these fields, including replanting to alternative crops such as proso millet or sunflower.

  Poor wheat stand in Cheyenne County

May 24, 2013

Wheat Production

Wheat scab

  • Alternative Crops for Failed Winter Wheat in the Panhandle. Producers with thin wheat in dryland fields are likely considering three options for these fields. If replanting, learn what benefits proso millet and sunflower offer in water-limited areas.
  • Wheat Disease Update. Current conditions have kept diseases in check; however, this could change quickly and continued field scouting is recommended, even where fields look good from the road.

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