May 23, 2014

CropWatch May 23, 2014

Frost-damaged corn
How well will frost-damaged corn survive? See related stories below.

May 23, 2014


Wheat Production

Crop Damage & Replanting

  • For information on assessing damaged corn, wheat, and soybean and determining whether replanting is warranted, see the May 16 CropWatch.

IANR & Extension

Alfalfa & Forage Production

Crop Reports

Climate & Weather

  • Nebraska Ag Climate Update. Nebraska ag saw big temperature shifts in May and looks to June for a changing trend. Includes table of average and record weather for Memorial Day.

Farm Management


Wildlife Management

On this week's Market Journal Extension Educator Jenny Rees looks at freeze damage to corn, soybean and wheat plants and grain analyst John Meuret looks at fluctuations in the soybean market.