March 25, 2011: Story Index

CropWatch March 25, 2011: Story Index

Photo: Bromm Farm Tornado Damage

And so Tornado Season Begins

The Bromm Cattle Company Farm about 5 miles southwest of Craig sustained an estimated $1 million in damage Tuesday afternoon when an EF1 tornado cut a 2.5-mile path through southwestern Burt County. Farm owner Tony Bromm said an employee, Curt Lindberg, had just returned to the farm and was waiting out the storm in a grain trailer when he and it were lifted into the air, moved 50 feet, and then "gently" placed back on solid ground. Two 50,000 bu bins were destroyed, two 100,000 bu bins were damaged, and several metal buildings were damaged.   A crane was brought in to assist with clean-up, but work was delayed Friday by the four inches of new snow on the ground. Neighboring farms also sustained property damage.

Josh Boustead, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Valley, says March is the start up of Nebraska's tornado season. Nebraska has never had a tornado in February; most are in late May to early June.  (Photo by Natalie Bromm)

March 25, 2011

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On this week's Market Journal host Doug Jose visits with UNL Extension Weeds Specialist Mark Bernards about practices to reduce atrazine runoff to help ensure its continued availability for weed control.