June 29 - July 3, 2013 - Index of Articles

CropWatch June 29 - July 3, 2013 - Index of Articles

Saunders County Soybeans

Crop specialists look at 2012 corn and soybean yields at the county level and how they fit into long-term trends.  More

June 29 – July 3, 2013

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Corn Production

Wheat Production

  • Stripe rust in wheatWheat Disease Update. Small pockets of stripe rust appear in Panhandle wheat but not expected to become epidemic. South central wheat nears maturity with previously reported diseases continuing.

Alfalfa Production

Weed Management

Pest Management

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Market Journal

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Farm Management

UNL wheat breeding specialist Stephen Baenziger talks with Market Journal host Jeff Wilkerson about the 2013 wheat crop and expectations for the 2014 seed supply. Baenziger recommends buying wheat seed early as supplies are expected to be limited.