June 22, 2012: Index of Stories

CropWatch June 22, 2012: Index of Stories

Early planted corn field at tasseling, June 22, 2012

Crop Growth Continues
Ahead of Normal

Early planted corn near Sprague was already at tasseling. See this week's stories and field updates for information on crop progress and how the current heat spell will affect crop growth at this stage. (Photo by Bob Huttes)

Goss's Wilt in More
Than 12 Counties

Severity of symptoms varies from field to field where Goss's wilt has been confirmed, ranging from slight to 30% of plants showing symptoms. Active in-field scouting is recommended to determine extent in individual fields. 

 Vascular evidence of Goss's wilt in corn

June 22, 2012

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Extension Plant Pathologist Tamra Jackson discusses the early outbreak of Goss's wilt in corn. View more Market Journal segments.

Extension Entomologist Jeff Bradshaw discusses the potential for grasshopper damage in drought-stressed pastures and crops in the Panhandle this summer.